In a puja, or ritual sadhana practice we invoke and relate to the Guru, the Yidam, and the three roots, or in this case, the protector, Mahakala. White Mahakala Sadhana. If you would like to practice this sadhana, please look here. NOTE: WE HAVE TAKEN THIS OFFLINE (AS A. Coorain in / It is derived from the Black Cloak sadhana and The Practice Mahakala protects the ‘Sasana’, the vows and disciplines of peace. Like all.

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He straddles the body of a white elephant that lies on its back. In his spiritual biography, several events illustrate their connection.

Mahakala is none other than the inseparability of compassion and loving-kindness. Recite zadhana Mahakala Heart Mantra times: Mahakala has one face and six arms with three red round wide open glaring eyes.

Mahakala Practice: Resources – KTD

Almost a thousand years later, one of the great mahasiddhas, Dombi Heruka eighth to ninth centurywas staying in Hahadropa Cemetery. If we turn to the history of the ritual itself, the first one was composed by the Second Shamar, and then the Sixth Karmapa expanded the practice, making it so long that it was known as the Boring Mahakala, though its actual name is Burning Up Hostility sDang ba rnam sreg.

Facebook Twitter Google Print. First empty the mind. The proceedings were part of the activities of the 34th Kagyu Monlam, which took place in Bodhgaya, India. Besides wearing an elephant skin on his body, he has a green snake and necklaces around his neck. Next, visualize the Root Lineage Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng appearing above your crown and radiating light on everyone present.

Through the centuries, this transmission has been passed down the lineage right up to the present day.


Resources White Tara Practice: He also has white snakes wrapping around his ankles and wrists. Proud of his abilities, he competed with the Buddha and, of course, he lost, which disappointed him greatly.

Belonging to this second type, the wisdom protector Bernakchan is not separate from the heart of the Buddha. His sister was called Remati.

True Buddha School Net English Homepage

Dombi Heruka then retrieved the texts and spread these teachings and practices in India. Facebook Twitter Pinterest E-Mail. On a relative level, she is the powerful one of the desire world.

The white elephant’s left hand holds a skull bowl and the right hand, a big turnip.

Mahakala Practice: Resources

His right leg is bent at the knee while his left leg is outstretched. This transmission eventually passed to Pomdrakpa, who was a main teacher of the Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi Pray to the Root Lineage Guru to empower you so that the practice will be auspicious. When he went to India, even though Dombi Heruka had passed away, his wisdom body appeared to Zangkar Lotsawa.

And so kahakala makes no difference whether a lineage exists or not between Karmapa and Mahakala, because they are not different. When the ritual of Mahakala is being performed, Mahakala appears in the form of a wrathful deity.

Proper attitude and sincere motivation are necessary when one participates in rituals. The Seventeenth Karmapa had looked everywhere for an original and no one, inside or outside of Tibet, had ever seen or heard of it. An empowerment must be received from Sadhanq Buddha Lian-sheng or an authorized True Buddha School master before engaging in this particular sadhana.

To give the complete picture, there is still another version of the Mahakala practice, written by the Fifteenth Karmapa, who felt that it was inauspicious to have such a short sadhaba, so he composed one that was even more extensive than the text of Burning Up Hostility by the Sixth Karmapa.


His whole dark-blue body emanates flames. In sadhnaa afternoon, His Holiness gave the empowerment of Mahakali, who has numerous other forms and names, such as Remati, Dusolma, and Palden Lhamo. A Mahakala shrine is set up in the main shrine room at KTD during elaborate practices which are performed at special times of the year watch the monthly calendars for announcements.

He then translated this advice into Chinese. From the brow point of Mahakala, a beam of white light shines onto one’s brow point. The practice is being reinstated this year as it makes an auspicious connection with all that is excellent: A white elephant skin draped over his body with the elephant head facing downward and the four legs draping behind his shoulders and both legs.

The former can give certain siddhis, or accomplishments, but the latter actually help one become liberated from samsara, through eliminating the afflictions and karma that imprison us in an endless cycle of rebirths.

But the present Gyaltsap Rinpoche happened to have a photocopy of a hand-written version, which seems to be the only extant copy of the text.

We do not need to supplicate them as this is their responsibility, and in turn, it is our responsibility to offer them tormas or gifts that sustain them. Originally the practice of Bernakchen was so secret that only a few close disciples knew that it even existed.

His skin was very dark, his appearance terrifying and his power great, so he was given the name Mahakala, The Great Black One.

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