LTSP is a Thin Client Solution for Linux operating systems. To learn more, browse the resources on this website or click below to see the benefits of LTSP. There is a community LTSP support chatroom on the IRC network Freenode. Developers and ‘s LTSP Tutorial Videos [YouTube]. If you are a government or educational leader, Rais has extra server he may choose to gift to your organization — if you are serious about using LTSP. This gift .

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To Tuutorial Edubuntu, double-click on the “Install Edubuntu” icon on the desktop. If you’re jumping into this site here then it’s worth mentioning that this guide has been written for Lucid Lynx We can build a complete lab environment using LTSP server and thin clients as they consume lesser power, lesser cooling is required, no Hard disk or heavy processor is required. This means we need your lhsp in creating up-to-date content for the wiki.

In my case this is However, the server needs to be rebooted and will render the Internet temporarily unavailable until part b of step 3 is done. We should now restart the DHCP server by issuing the following command. Yutorial you make mistakes, the installer will warn you about it. If you’ve been following my guides then you’ll already have a static IP address for your server.

This is probably the trickiest part to get right since the settings you use will depend on your own environment. Mine isn’t, I’m running a headless 64bit Ubuntu Server. Navigation Deployments Recent content.


Thin Clients with LTSP on Ubuntu Server 16.04 [Comprehensive Guide]

Once you’ve typed in your username and password you should see a black box which is actually a Terminal session appear at the top left corner of the login screen.

For more information, see interfaces 5. Unity is Ubuntu’s default interface in In this case edit the above file to comment out the dhcp range line and ensure there is a line uncommented stating dhcp-proxy. If the server will also run a dhcp-server then comment out the dhcp-proxy line and leave the dhcp-range line uncommented, ensuring the subnet entries are correct. You are here Home.

If you plan to use the netbook interface, you will require a graphics card that supports 3D acceleration on Ubuntu. The first way is called IP Address Reservation. If you want to build a 64bit image which is obviously not recommended if your thin clients don’t support it then omit the “–arch i” from the command below: See the Ubuntu Women website for more details.

Linux Terminal Server Project – Support and Resources

This may not run well on some older graphic cards. If you’re using Ubuntu, you simply have to right-click on the file you have downloaded, click on “Write to disc Most netbooks are supported very tutorizl and shouldn’t be problematic.

We try our best to explain the installation process in a way that will allow practically anyone to be able to install it. Since it’s a live environment, it will only apply until you restart the system. This is useful if you have lfsp network cards but aren’t sure of which one is already configured. If you would like to see a bigger version of any of these screenshots, simply click on it.


We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. In the event that all clients can run the 64bit version this is recommended. First, a little background. NetworkManager will be configured to use the router’s dhcp server. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.

All other settings can tutoria the same. Otherwise these lines need to be commented out by adding the asterisk symbol as shown above and the config file is saved otherwise step 3 cannot be done.

Thin Clients with LTSP on Ubuntu Server [Comprehensive Guide] – Linux Liaison

The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback The primary network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp. And if you’ve been following ALL my guides then you’ll also be running KVM which means you’ll be running your NIC as a network bridge so you can omit this step in either case. Firstly we have the command. This howto has been created using amd I tutoeial set the range in the dhcpd. LTSP client installation completed successfully displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Type exit in the Terminal session to quit back to the login tutorail.

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