We will first get brief introduction about Spring MVC (Web MVC) framework and then we see how to write Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay step by. Spring MVC is one of the most popular framework to create portlets. Liferay supports creating Maven Spring MVC Portlet. You can add multiple. Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC is one of the most hot topic for liferay developer. It always creates confusion as what to choose when. In this article I.

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Next configure your web application. Now the front controller, org. PortletRequest s to javax. Thats it final lifery Structure is: This allows for reuse of the entire Servlet-based View support even in a Portlet environment.

Spring MVC

These properties mvv the Liferay plugin, declare its resources, and specify its security related parameters. PortletRequest s to javax. MF file when you deploy your WAR file. Find the complete DTD here. Then you can take advantage of the Declarative Services Component and Reference annotations, which let you avoid the boilerplate code associated with service trackers.


Dani 3, 4 21 A complete list of the attributes you can set can be found here. You must also provide some necessary descriptors for Liferay.

You are using the wrong flavour of Spring mvc here. Front Controller after receiving request take help from some helper classes these classes are mention in a seperate file whose name is: Design your model entity and write your service layer as normal see the tutorials on Service Builder here. Liferay Descriptors Liferay portlet plugins that are packaged as WAR files should include some Liferay specific descriptors.

Developers creating portlets for Liferay Portal CE 7.

Configuring a Spring MVC Portlet – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

Jasper Report in Detail. To add all the properties files to the classpath, you can combine them into one of each type e. Here are the high points mvd why that works in Liferay Portal CE 7. Portlet Configuration In the portlet. PanwarS87 84 1 With Spring MVC, you can only support one portlet phase in each controller. ServiceTracker to track the service of the type you need. In case the link goes down, could you please expand your answer to include information on lifetay to do this?


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. For more info visit: Provide an application context file portlet-context.

Deploying simple Spring MVC Portlet to Liferay – Stack Overflow

Number Of Unique Visitor. One way is by calling the static utility methods. Error creating bean w ith name ‘com. Here I cannot add the whole code. The Spring front controller needs to know where the application context file is, so specify it as an initialization parameter in portlet. Liferay portlet plugins that are packaged as WAR files should include some Liferay specific descriptors.

Johannes Hipp 1 1 2. Any Spring Project contain atleast one application context file where all beans and helper classes are defined. For doing this first we create a simple Portlet and then convert it into Spring Portlet. Hans Westerbeek 4, 3 27

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