La vita quotidiana a Roma: all’apogeo dell’imperio. Front Cover. Jérôme Carcopino. Laterza, – pages Universale Laterza. Author, Jérôme Carcopino. Home Jerome Carcopino La vita quotidiana a Roma all’ apogeo dell’ Impero. Stock Image. La vita quotidiana a Roma all’ apogeo dell’ Impero: Jerome. Buy La vita quotidiana a Roma. All’apogeo dell’impero by CARCOPINO Jérome ( ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Latin is used constantly throughout the book with little to no translation. His analysis of Roman religion is outdated.

La vita quotidiana a Roma all’apogeo dell’impero : Jerome Carcopino :

Otherwise, look for something lighter. This book made me want to watch the series Rome. The book covers topics streets, houses, slavery, living conditions for the poor as well as the rich, the carcopno freedom of women, some professions, a typical dinner party, entertainment, clothing, the problems with education, and the weakening sense of religiosity.

Said to have influenced the stylings of that series and the film Gladiator, this book is a great look at the Roman area circa A.

Dec 08, Alexander Kennedy rated it viita was amazing Shelves: From this the author gives his take on d I picked this one up at my favorite resale shop in San Francisco, carrying it back to Chicago to read, the only book purchased there held on to. Probably would rate this four stars if the edition were better edited. This book is interesting as the first “popular” book on daily life in rome. It’s an unsettling experience to read this book.

His attempt to “focus” on one time period is rather weak. But the prose is that mid-century quotudiana of magisterial tone, even when he’s probably wrong, and so it was at least worth reading.

Unfortunately, the prose which its been written in is also rather dry.


La vita quotidiana a Roma: all’apogeo dell’imperio – Jérôme Carcopino – Google Books

Since this book is old, some of the material may be dated, but my unfamiliarity with the history precludes me saying what. Nov 28, Hannah Thomas rated it really liked it. Or more like before Constantine ruined it by declaring Christianity the national religion. Pour yourself a gallon of caffeine before wading through this bad boy: And there are some developments in ancient society which he notes but which now — 80 years after he wrote them — will resonate differently with the reader.

No one has ever done it better. And I wasn’t disappointed by this book. And Roman education was so bad that rather than improving students morals, the teachers undermined them [often with pederasty, my speculation]. A book targeted to people who enjoy history, and who show ravenous apetite for genral knowledge.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire

I would have liked a greater discussion on marriage and the public baths but in a book such as this some topics will be covered in greater detail than others. Interesting on Roman money, and the hours caecopino the day, which varied in winter and summer, and they varied in length, 44 minutes csrcopino daylight hour around the Winter Solstice when I write thissince the twelve “hours” divided about 9 hours of sunlight; while the night-time hours, also twelve, divided 15 hours, so each night hour was 1 hr 15 minutes.

You do NOT surpass an Italian teacher.

While this does give the reader a more complex understanding of ancient Rome as a whole, it negates the author’s leading statement that it is crucial to stick suotidiana one time period and one class to focus on. If you want an academic, in-depth account of Roman life, this is great. This book is intellectual in nature; those looking for a quick, entertaining read seem to discount the text for its in-depth and specific qualities.

I picked this up to give myself a decent research backbone for a piece of fan fiction I was writing wow, that is – pretty nerdy. The book feels dated writing style, research methodologies but it’s a decent place to start, especially if you were reading it just to dip your toe in the waters of the history of Rome, perhaps to write your own ‘AU’ version of your favorite video game or movie characters. Work might still earn a modest living, but no longer yielded such fortunes as the chance of imperial favour or a speculative gamble might bestow.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sep 11, Manuela Bernardotto-ethridge rated it really liked it.

It tends to be rather flowery, so ‘what was said’ more than once evaded me in ‘how it was said’. While at the Summer Solstice, the twelve “oris” divided 15 hours, so bout 1 hr 15 minutes each.

Mar 18, Courtney rated it it was amazing. Carcopino managed to unite into a single monograph the object of study of multiple disciplines and to amalgamate them into a compelling and vivid narrative. Ha rispettato in pieno le mie aspettative: Uses good sources, but dated, and I could have done without the moralizing. I found it disconcerting that he used literary characters and the things that they did as evidence for actual occurrences in Roman life, such as Trimalchio’s excesses.

A dense and informative book: PaperbackSecond Editionpages.

So 24 hours are divided by 7 dominances. Apr 17, nettebuecherkiste rated it really liked it. This is still a very good read because it gave you both sides of Rome, the rich and the poor. She also provides an up-to-date bibliographic essay.

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