Bu soru kitapçığındaki test sorudan oluşmaktadır ve verilen cevaplama – KPDS İlkbahar / İNG Mississippi flows some kilometres from its. Kamu Personeli Dil Sınavı Hazırlık Soruları Çıkmış sorular Testler ve Deneme Sınavları Cevap Anahtarı İngilizce Sınavlara HAzırlık Soru Bankası ve Konu Anlatımları KPDS Kamu A)if the inlet starts at a point 8 km north of Toshka bay. – KPDS KPDS Kasım Dönemi Soru ve Cevapları .. reusable rocket large enough the carry three people km into space and back.

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Unless you use your computer —- you can’t expect it to function well A surely B particularly C recently D properly E soundly 2. In China’s largest psychiatric facility there is a serious lack of resources but the staff try hard to —- this in their treatment of the patients. A come up with B go in for C put up with D set oat for E make up for 3. It’s worth remembering that his —- of the downward trends in output over recent years is not the only one.

A interpretation B departure C compliance D discretion E intention 4. The Gulf countries have achieved substantial progress —- sorulae integration —- the past 20 years.

In the case of opera, the benefits of being able to experience the whole production from the comfort of your armchair are very —. A subtle B demonstrative C deliberate K;ds excessive E attractive 6. The analysis of a story — its central sirular is likely to be ‘especially fruitful, for it rapidly takes us to what is truly —- issue in the story.

For the control of the deadly brain disease in cows BSEsurveillance is being sprular up in Canada, but the US claims to be testing enough cattle already to —- the risk. A assert B assess C consult D exceed E discourage 8. In Kuwait, foreign companies are presently taxed at 55 per cent of profits, whereas the Kuwaitis themselves pay —- or —- tax depending on their status.

Slow-motion photography can reveal things that happen —- fast for the human eye to see. A more B as C than D too E such He —- in a line of work that was dependent solely on his ability to win the trust of others, and one in which very close relationships —- necessary. The term “radical”, in politics, refers to anyone with opinions —- extreme —- the main current of a country’s major political party or parties.

The sorulae of accounts means the official inspection of a company’s accounts by a qualified accountant, and this —- by law each year. A had been required B requires C is required D required E would have been required Applicants —- the ability to work well in a multicultural environment and —- to work to tight deadlines. Old Danish, one of the languages of the Vikings who —- in parts of Britain during the 9th to 11 centuries, —- a strong influence on the development of English.

I was at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall last week to hear an all-Byrd programme performed to a packed hall. This would have been unimaginable 16 — 20 years ago. Not surprisingly, kpd good 17 — of the audience applauded in the wrong places. I regard this as good news 18 — bad news. This was a new audience 19 — to a concert hall by CD recordings and I 20 — the experience of being a part of it.

A for B hardly C still D yet E even A impression B supply C example D proportion E quality A apart from B so long as C rather than D in addition to E except A attracted B having been attracted C having attracted D to attract E attracting A discerned B abandoned C preferred D sensed E valued James Joyce was born in Dublin of a middle-class Catholic family. Joyce attended Clongowes Wood College for several years, but 23 — to leave when his family fell upon increasing economic hardship.

He left Ireland for Paris but returned to Dublin for a short while 25 — learning that his mother was dying. A was forced B is forced C has been forced D would have forced E would be forced A assumed B studied C involved D established E affirmed A whenever B until C after D while E as.

Türkiye’nin memur portalı

The building of the Toshka canal in Egypt was carefully planned —. A if the inlet starts at a point 8 km north of Toshka bay B as the mistakes made in earlier canals had proved costly C as if the desert could become green D until the amount of water required was agreed on E that wealthy investors could easily be found There has been a decrease in deaths from motor vehicle crashes over recent years, —.


A since speed limits would be lowered B which is partly due to improved safety features in cars C if there were public intolerance of drinking and driving D as there has been improved safety design in occupational machinery E in which improved medical care had played a part This conductor offers an orchestral balance quite unlike —.

A as if some string passages almost get lost B as you simply do not hear the violins as the “main line” of the music C what we are used to D that he adds something of his own E since the work is hardly recognizable We are determined to give the contract to an architect —. A since a great many problems had already arisen B whose handling of the interiors was outstanding C who is committed to environmentally responsible design D until we learn the kind of garden that is possible E if their requirements were even slightly unusual The name “dolphin” is generally applied to species with a beaklike snout and slender body, A as it is dark above and white below, with bands of grey, white and yellow on the sides B which also had included porpoises C but there are also some freshwater forms which are largely confined to rivers in Asia, Africa and South America D whereas the name “porpoise” is reserved for the smaller species with a blunt snout and stocky body E though dolphins cannot actually smile If the company is to invest in long-term growth, A the main aim is nevertheless to improve customer relations B there was still a need for short-term profits C it will clearly have to sacrifice short-term profits D a new sales force is already being trained E the investment would ultimately yield a return Although microeconomic theories try to explain how large numbers of firms act in the marketplace, —.

A economists faced several unique problems B they are quite poor at describing or predicting the actual behaviour of any one particular real-world firm C managers try to minimize inventory costs, meet production schedules and devise diverse product mixes D behavioural theories had been far more descriptive and predictive of the behaviour of individual firms and managers E its primary aim is to promote organizational values and interests A European equities display strong profit growth B Inthe European economy remained fundamentally sound C Inflation had actually begun to improve D There were several other encouraging signs E It should have been easy to maintain the competitiveness A Hopefully, you’ll hear things you never heard before B For the orchestra, it is the dedication of the conductor C In the first place, there must be an audience D For the conductor, it is the possibility of making new discoveries E Indeed, he has approached every piece of music in this way.

Despite the explosion of stock-market wealth over the last decade, the most valuable asset most Americans own is their home. During the Gulf War inthe Iraqi troops caused the worst ever man-made environmental disaster by setting fire to of Kuwait’s oil wells. A barometer measures air pressure, and if you watch the weather forecasts you will see that an increase in air pressure often signals fair weather, whereas a drop in air pressure may mean that a storm is on the way.

The Aryans who invaded India from the northwest in about B.

In contrast to the majority of American astronauts, Valentina Tereshkova, tho first woman cosmonaut who went to space, was a textile factory worker when she entered the Soviet space programme. B It took sorualr years of painstaking negotiation before Britain could agree with the People’s Republic of China that Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July C On 1 Julyafter twayears of prolonged negotiation, it was finally kn between Britain and the People’s Republic of China that Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty.

D The question of whether Hong Kong should return to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July was finally agreed on after much arduous bargaining between Britain and the People’s Republic of China. A Since individuals in different positions have different interests and attributes, they naturally slrular differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed. B It is only natural that there should be differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed, as people kpes different positions have different interests and attributes.

C Obviously, among individuals in different positions with different interests and attributes, there will be differences in opinion about how resources and rewards should be distributed. D Since individuals in different positions have different interests and attributes, it is only natural sorrular they should disagree about how resources and rewards can be distributed.


Kasım Dönemi KPDS Soru ve cevapları

E Individuals in different positions, with different interests and attributes, will obviously disagree about what is the fair distribution of resources and rewards. A The crippling of Ghana ‘s economy is the result of the fluctuating gold prices as gold is the country’s primary source of foreign exchange. B As gold is still Ghana ‘s largest source of foreign exchange, the country’s economy is being badly affected by the fluctuating price of gold.

C Fluctuating gold prices would inevitably cripple Ghana ‘s economy as gold is Ghana ‘s major source kds foreign exchange. D As gold is Ghana ‘s largest source of foreign exchange, fluctuating gold prices have crippled the country’s economy. E If gold were Ghana ‘s primary source of foreign exchange, the country’s economy would be badly affected by the fluctuating price of gold.

A Those living at the equator are lighter than those living in England by 0. B The rotation of the Earth produces a soruoar.

İngilizce Soru Bankası – kpds Soru 3695

C One effect of the Earth’s rotation is to make those living at the equator 0. D One effect of the Earth’s rotation is to make the weight of people increase by 0. E People’s weight drops roughly by 0. The world’s oldest cave paintings date back some 35, years.

They lie buried in the side of a hill close to Verona in north Italy. Now, new archaeological research is also proving that the ancients were adept, not only at the visual arts, but also at the art of sound. The new discipline of ethnoclimatology acknowledges that some sorjlar is surprisingly good at predicting the weather.

For them, if the stars are bright, they look forward to a normal rainy season; if dim, to a late, sparse one. A One must remember, however, that weather lore does not travel well B In Uganda, increases in overnight temperatures traditionally presage rain two weeks later C One famous saying runs: Cloning could be crucial when a species is threatened with extinction.

For instance, a few years ago, the last remaining bucardo mountain -goats in Spain were rounded up for a captive breeding programme. This species is now extinct but could have been saved by the cloning technology we have today. A Unfortunately, however, they were wiped out by disease B Habitat protection is the cornerstone of conservation C Scientists made the world’s first healthy clone of an endangered species in D Literally a hundred species become extinct every day E There are cases in which cloning may prevent extinction Andy Stern runs the soru,ar and fastest-growing labour union kmm the US.

But today you probably do not. For his activities receive almost no coverage in the press. A Actually, only 8.

Recently a great deal of research has been carried out on the benefits of marriage. On average, married people are healthier and have lower mortality rates than single, divorced or separated people. Moreover, they suffer from less anxiety, depression and other mental soruar. These findings apply to both sexes. A Formal marriage usually involves a higher degree of personal commitment B This claim is still widely repeated C Several research projects show that kpdd also benefit D This means that serious violence among married couples is fairly uncommon E Their lives are more regular and secure and they engage in fewer harmful activities Contemporary computer systems have both advantages and disadvantages.

Kods on the debit side, these computer systems create opportunities for the illegal copying of software. A Software copying has emerged as a new ethical issue precisely for this reason B Rapid technological change means that the mk facing individuals also rapidly change C One important advantage is that they enable digital information to be made available to all D Soruular this environment it will be important for management to conduct an ethical and social impact analysis of new technologies E Software piracy challenges traditional protections of property rights.

The son of a friend of yours has come to you to get your opinion on whether it’s time to start looking for a new job. You are glad to hear him say this as you think he’s wasted in his present position.

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