A pavane is a stately dance, one with all its steps set out, with a clear beginning and a foreseen end. To my ear, the word itself sounds. Pavane [Keith Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A classic of alternate history, this novel is set in a twentieth century where the. Pavane [Keith Roberts] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A few more motifs continue to lodge in my mind. However, the whole contains a thread of gradual change, growing with each story and culminating in profound alteration. It is Anno Domini The already known Margaret married above her stratum kkeith, after the death of her husband, becomes the Lady of Corfe Gate. Pavane, by Keith Roberts, is a beautiful collection of six connected stories written in an alternate England where Queen Elizabeth was assassinated and Philip II won the throne of England.

To view it, click here. Each measure is a story unto itself and can be read as such. The author also used Romanised place names at times and had me looking up the modern equivalent. This is a Britain of steam engines, giant semaphore stations, and hand-crafted printing presses.

There is a strong sense that the characters are playing a part in history which they may not have the power to alter. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The son of Lady Margaret’s seneschal visits the place where it all began, the ruins of Corfe Gate.


But that takes nothing away from the journeys that the reader has enjoyed; the musings on religion and history and science and violence; the strange familiarity or familiar strangeness of the world we glimpse in the pages.

I second the recommendation. I don’t know why more people outside of the field don’t know about his work.

Finally, rebellion is coming. Showing of 57 reviews. The feudal system is alive and well, as is the workings of the Inquisition.

These step forward, pose, glance coyly but meaningfully at each other, and then step back to let another take their place. With that I had to read this book.

Pavane – Keith Roberts

The Cambridge companion to science fiction. Although this is robertss much in the “alternate history” sub-genre of Robberts and a variety of technological differences are explored. The continuing dominance of the Church across Europe for four hundred years, the slow pace – if not stagnation – of society, and the Church’s control over technology seem somewhat overplayed. It is an absolutely wonderful book and should not be missed.

Pavame chapters are organized as six measures of a dance. The final part of the book is a Coda that to me just feels tacked on for the sake of it. But it’s just an all-around amazing read too. The language is absolutely gorgeous; descriptive, picturesque, conveying feeling and emotion, and successfully forming each character’s own world.

I thoroughly enjoyed rereading this genre classic. Old Earth Books December 15, Language: Nonetheless, I think such skillful writing and meticulous world-building are deserving of a bigger readership. He began publishing with two stories in the September issue of Science Fantasy magazine, “Anita” the first of a pvane of stories featuring a teenage modern witch and her eccentric granny and “Escapism.


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Pavane is one of the earlier alternate reality books. On his deputation to a remote semaphore for the winter he faces his fate.

Or maybe it was the way he was trying to do it? Something stately and pointless, with all its steps set out. Based on this robwrts, Roberts develops his alternative reality in short stories that are linked by persons or themes.

Keith Roberts: Pavane – an infinity plus review

And thanks for the cover illustrations. Next, the Strange Family again, now another generation, in which the family marries into the Lord of Purbeck’s family through the daughter.

This is a book of loosely connected stories set in an England and a world that never experienced the Reformation.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The rural areas of the country are quite deserted, populated with wild animals such as catamounts. The Spanish Armada was victorious.

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