Original European operations manual and preprogrammed codes in PDF format. Aug 11, – kameleon urc bedienungsanleitung Hey!. Original European operations manual and preprogrammed codes in PDF format. Download attachments: 1. October 12, kb. kameleon 4 urc manual View and Download One for All KAMELEON 4 FOR ALL URC 11 R01 AN kameleon urc bedienungsanleitung Hey!.

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Kameleon omslag met 7 mm rug Deze garantie is niet van toepassing voor verpakkingen, dozen voor transport, batterijen, gebroken of beschadigde behuizing of enig ander object, dat in verbinding met dit produkt gebruikt wordt. Elke andere verplichting dan het bovengenoemde wordt uitgesloten.

Om gebruik te maken van onze garantieservice tijdens de garantieperiode, belt u het nummer dat u vindt op bedieungsanleitung Klantenservice pagina. Wij maken u erop attent dat wij uw bewijs van aankoop nodig hebben om vast te stellen of u voor deze garantieservice in aanmerking komt.

Non ci sono ulteriori obblighi bedienunsganleitung qui sopra elencati. Universal remote Instructions manual. This bediejungsanleitung will be replaced free of charge if it has been proven to be defective within the one 1 year warranty period.

This warranty does not cover cartons, carrying cases, batteries, broken or marred cabinets or any other item used in connection with the product. Any further obligation than listed above is excluded. To obtain warranty service during the warranty period, please call us at the number mentioned on the Customer Bedienungsanleitunv page.

Please notice that we need your purchase receipt so that we may establish your eligibility for bedifnungsanleitung. COM 1 Camelion Made of the strictest quality, it will provide long-term satisfaction. When replacing batteries, you will need to first press any key before the screen will light up.

From then on, the display will automatically illuminate whenever the remote is picked up or moved. You can choose any combination of ksmeleon devices you would like to operate bedieningsanleitung page 6 for more information.

Kameleoh sequence of commands Your KAMELEON 6 comes with an easy-to-use Macro feature, allowing you to send several commands with the press of a single key for example turning all your home theatre devices on or off. This technology gives you the possibility to add codes to the memory. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screw. The IR Indicator will give feedback bottom part will blink when keys are pressed both during normal use and in programming mode the bottom part of the IR indicator will blink.

COM Camelion To do so, please refer to page The next overview will show you all the possible screens and the functions that you will obtain.

Urc manual :: tzvang

Number keys The number 1 — 9, 0 keys provide functions just like your original remote. In AUD mode the number keys will provide direct input selection.


COM 3 Camelion Also, if your original remote has a 20 key, this function can be found under the AV key. The MENU key operates the same function it did on your original remote control.

If your digital satellite receiver or cable converter has a built in recording function, you can operate it with these keys. The EXIT key will operate the same as on your original remote. Directional keys If available on your original remote control, these keys will allow you to navigate through the menu.

In menu mode this key will confirm your choice. Teletext Keys After pressing the TV Text key this will switch on text and more text functions will be displayed. These keys are used to operate the main teletext functions.

URC 8060 – One For All

Of course, your Television must have teletext capability. For a more detailed explanation of teletext and fastext, please refer to the manual of your television.

Remember, different televisions control teletext and fastext functions in different ways. Not all of the teletext functions may be available on your particular model.

Shows the top half of the teletext page in larger letters. By pressing again, kameleln can see the bottom half of the teletext page bedienungsanleotung. This function is also available in SAT mode. Shows both text and TV picture. This key will give you access to the index function within the text mode. In TV mode you will obtain the These functions may differ per device mode. Please check the table below. COM 5 Camelion Codes are listed by device mode and brand name.

The most popular code for each brand is listed first. The bottom part bedienungsanleiting the animated IR Indicator will blink twice. If your device does not respond, follow steps 1 through 6 with each code listed for your brand.

If none of the kakeleon listed for your brand operate your device, then try the Ucr Method described on page 7, even if your brand is not listed at all. Some codes are quite similar.

If your device does not respond or is not functioning properly with one of the codes, try another code listed under your brand. To set up your other devices, follow the same instructions above, only press the appropriate device key during step 3. Remember to press the correct device key before operating your device.

Only one device CD, amplifier, cassette etc. If your original remote operates more than one device for example; a receiver, CD player and cassette player in one remoteyou need to set up each device separately. Quick Code Reference Write down the codes for your devices in the boxes below for quick and bedienunysanleitung reference.

The Search Method may also work if your brand is not listed at all. To search for your TV code: You may have to press this key many times up to times so please be patient.

If you skip past a code, you can go to the previous code s by pressing the CH- key. The bottom part of the animated IR Indicator will light up twice. If you cannot control your Television properly, please continue the Search Method, you may be using the wrong Code. Pressing CH- will send the signal from the previous code. This can be useful if you missed the code while searching reversed search.


To search for your other devices, follow the same instructions above, only press the appropriate device key during step 2. Please note that the bottom part of the animated IR Indicator will indicate the 4 digits by animated blink s. To blink out your television code: Press 9 9 0, the bottom part of the animated IR Indicator will light up twice.

For bedienuhgsanleitung first digit of your four-digit code, press 1 and count the blinks on the bottom part of the animated IR Indicator. For the second digit, press 2 and count the animated blinks.

For the third digit, press 3 and count the animated blinks. For the fourth digit, press 4 and count the animated blinks. COM 7 Camelion The custom keys I — IV have been especially provided for this feature.

If you need to learn more than four functions per mode max. Make sure the ends which you bedienungsnleitung point at your device are facing each other. Keep the remotes at a distance of 2 to 5 cm 0. Press 9 7 5. Press the device key Example: Press the key Example: Press and hold the key that you want to copy Example: The display switches back on kameoeon you will see two blinks to indicate successful learning operation.

If you want to copy other functions within the same mode, simply repeat steps 5 and 6 pressing the next key you want to copy by learning. If your want to copy another function in a different mode, simply continue with step 4 followed by steps 5 and 6.

If no key is pressed while in learning mode, the remote will return to user mode after 30 seconds.

During learning, keys such as TV text, TV menu etc. If you learned on a digit key, access the original function by pressing magic twice and then vedienungsanleitung digit. The learning feature is mode specific. Therefore you can place one learned function per mode on the same key.

URC – One For All – PDF Free Download

You can replace a learned function by placing another learned function on top. Please make sure not to use the learning procedure when in direct sunlight bedieungsanleitung under incandescent lights. Make sure you are using new batteries before following the instructions above. Upon changing the batteries, your learned functions will be retained.

To place the e. To access the e.

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