STM and JESDAF respectively. A typical Human Body Model circuit is presented in Figure 1. Figure 1: Typical Human Body Model Circuit. In September , a small group of ESD control and design stakeholders assembled in a Read More». In the EERC Resource Center. A Dash of Maxwell’s. JESDAF. – IEC (C= pF). – MIL method Pulse parameters. HBM. Reference voltage. 2KV 4KV. Peak current. A A.

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Other suggestions for document improvement: The simulator must kesd22 capable of supplying pulses with the characteristics required by Figure 2 and Figure 3. The number of power pins tested on Terminal A may be reduced if the power pin group is connected on a package plane see clause 4.

The pin combination with the waveform closest to the limits see Table 1 shall be jfsd22 for waveform verification. The actual number of pin combination sets depends on the number of power pin groups. Added in 4 language stating clearly that ESD testing must be performed on samples of the actual chip being evaluated In 4.

This test will check for any open or short relays. All comments will be collected and dispersed to the appropriate committee s. A Zener diode with breakdown voltage between 6 V and 15 V and a rating between? Page Description of change 3 Figure 2b was modified to show pulse decay time definition more clearly 3 Figure 3b was deleted since it is not used. The reference pin combination shall be identified by determining the socket jes22 with the shortest wiring path from the pulse generating circuit to the test socket.

ESD Tests | Reliability Technology Division | Services | OKI Engineering

Reduced minimum interval between zaps to milliseconds. If testing is required at multiple temperatures, testing shall be performed at the lowest temperature first.


Attach a shorting wire between these pins with the current probe around the shorting wire.

All pins one at time to Vdd3 power pin group 6. Guard band testing is also permitted. JEDEC standards and publications are adopted without regard to whether or not their adoption jesd22 involve patents or articles, materials, or processes.


Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Example of proposed changes being utilized Test Flow 1 HBM testing will be hesd22 in adherence to Table 2, with selected pin combinations replaced by alternative pin combinations. It is permitted to use the same sample 3 at the next higher voltage stress level if all parts pass the failure criteria specified in clause 5 after ESD exposure to a specified voltage level.

In that case, the pin may be tied together with the power pin s connected to the same bus and treated as one pin for Terminal B connection even though it is labeled a different name. Verify that all parameters meet the limits specified in Table 1 and Figure 2. The ends of the wire may be ground to a point where clearance is needed to make contact on fine-pitch socket pins.


A resistance value of 10 kohm or larger is recommended. The waveform measurements during calibration shall be made using the worst-case pin on the highest jwsd22 count board with a positive mechanical clamp socket. The ends of the wire may be ground to a point where clearance is needed to make contact on fine-pitch socket a11f4. The lead length should be as short as practicable to span the distance between the two farthest pins in the socket while passing through the current probe.


To provide better data reproducibility, it is permitted to place a shunt resistance between the pin to be stressed Terminal A and the system ground Terminal B in order to quench the pre-pulse phenomenon and eliminate the voltage rise as long as it does not alter the HBM waveforms as specified in Table 1 in tester qualification, calibration jeesd22 waveform verification. Finer voltage steps may optionally be used to obtain a more accurate measure of the failure threshold.

The information included in JEDEC standards and publications represents a sound approach to product specification and application, principally from the solid state device manufacturer viewpoint. Scanning for the presence of any trailing pulse shall cover a period of at least 1 msec after the HBM pulse.

ESD testing should begin at the lowest step in Table 1 but may begin at any level. Any pin that is intended to supply power to another circuit on the same chip must be treated as a power pin.


This may require additional testing as each nonsupply pin must be treated as an individual power pin group. All pins one at time to Vdd3 power pin group 6. The V level is optional.

However, if a pin intended to supply power to a circuit on another chip but not to any circuit on the same chip, it may be treated as a signal pin.

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