Cover Page · Author’s Preface · Glossary of Boehme’s Terminology · Chapter 1: What the Manifested God is: and of the Trinity. Chapter 2: Of the Word, or Heart of . Mysterium Magnum Frontpiece. Mysterium Magnum. PART ONE. An Exposition of the First Book of Moses called Genesis. written Anno by. Jacob Boehme. Mysterium magnum. An exposition of the first book of BOEHME, Jacob First Edition in English of Boehme’s masterpiece, a mystical interpretation of Genesis.

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Outward things are not worth the knowing, but in reference to the sustaining our life in which we are to labour in this world to the glory of our Creator; neither is this life worthy to be compared to that which is future and endureth for ever; yet the whole learning of physic is to procure health, and prevent sickness which causeth death to the present life, but hurts not the soul nor spirit as to eternity: So likewise the Angels are a Nothing in the Darkness; they are verily in it, but they neither see nor feel it; that which is a Pain to the Devils, that same is a Joy to the Angels in their Source; and so, what is pleasing and delightful to the Devils, that the Angels cannot endure; there is a great Gulf between them, that is, a whole Birth.

For without Nature he is hid to all Creatures; but in the Eternal and Temporal Nature he is perceived and manifest.

Contents – Mysterium Magnum – Jacob Boehme

Understand; that it is the re-conceived Will which desires the Free Lubet of God: And understand us right, and punctually here: Lastly, I wish you an inspirative study of this great work. Hence it is, that the Children of God must be the most plain, sincere, and simple; as Esaias prophesied of Christ, who is so simple as my Servant, the righteous one, who turneth many unto Righteousness?

International Society for Transdisciplinary Research – Basarab Nicolescu, a Boehme scholar, runs this centre which is devoted to rethinking the structures of knowledge using, among others, Boehme as a guide.

Thus we are to understand that the Evil and Good Angels dwell near one another, and yet there is the greatest immense Distance between them: We all indeed come far short of the Glory which we ought to have in God: The Desire of the free Lubet in itself: For I say, The inward World is the Heaven wherein God dwells; and the outward World is expressed out of the inward, and has only another Beginning than the inward, but yet out of the inward; it is expressed from the inward through the Motion of the Eternal Speaking Word and closed into a Beginning and End.


We must make Distinction; each World has its Principle and Dominion. Paul calls it Christ, the word of faith which they preach; near us in our hearts and mouths.

To which end we make many outward experiments, and thereby happen to cause nature to produce her wonderful effects: Of Abrahams sending forth his Servant to take a wife for his Son Isaac: They are his Strings in the All- Essential Speaking, and are all of them tuned for the great Harmony of his Eternal Speaking Word; so that in all Degrees and Properties the Voice of the unsearchable God is manifest and made known; they are all created for the praise of God.

Which seems somewhat ridiculous to us Men, because we see them not with our Eyes; not considering that our Eyes are not of their Essence and Property, so that we are neither able to see nor perceive them; for we live not in their Principle, therefore we cannot see them.

How God re-called Adam and his Eve when they were entered into Sin and Vanity, and awakened in the Serpent’s Ens; and laid upon them the Order of this toilsome laborious world, and ordained the Serpent- Bruiser for a Help or Saviour to them. Therefore the great Angle waves downwards, betokening the great Humility, and also that we have lost the fiery Angle which ascends on High; in which we were the Image and Likeness of God: But now it has taken into itself the horrible, astringent, hard, compunctive Sharpness; and the Free Lubet is a great Meekness, in reference to the wrathful Nature, as a Nothing, and yet it is: Cold, Hardness, Bone, Salt.

And now as the Spirit is, so is the Essence; and as there is an holy sweet Essence, and an holy sweet Spirit, in the Impression of the Free Lubet, so likewise in the dark Impression there is an astringent harsh, raw and bitter Essence and Spirit; as the Essence is, so is also the Mind of the Understanding! For the Fire is painful, but the Light is meek- pleasant, lovely, and yields Essence.

The divine Kingdom of Joy in the Heaven of God viz. Here is no other Gulf between them, but only a Birth.

Mysterium Magnum : Volume One

Also he sat in his angelical form in the good holy essence, as to the generation of the divine meekness; and therein exalted himself to domineer in the will of his wrath above the meekness, as an absolute peculiar god, contrary to the right of eternity. The inward pretious figure of this is thus. Now then behold thyself, and consider what thou art; view what the outward World is with its Dominion, and thou shalt find, that thou with thy outward Spirit and Being art the outward World ; thou art a little World out of the great World; thy outward Light is boehme-mysteriym Chaos of the Sun and Stars, else thou couldst not see by the Light [Or receive Light from] of the Boeyme-mysterium the Stars give the Essence of Distinction in the intellective Sight.


If men pretend they know mysteries and are not able to teach them, they are to blame, but not those that seek after them and speak what they find, and stir up others not to rest contented with that which they have, when they may get more rich treasure by searching after it. Abstract of dissertation, with other links. The Finite and the Infinite.

Jacob Boehme Resources

All recreative pleasures and exercises of body, which require much time, pains and cost to be spent in them, wherein men labour for that which is not bread: Then it thinks, whence may this compaction arise in so many forms and properties; for there are divers sorts of stones, divers metals, and divers kinds of earth whence manifold herbs and trees do grow.

Threefold Life of Man. The most inward figure of Lots wife being turned to a pillar of Salt is this. But in the abstract of the Mysterium Magnum, at the end of this book, they may perceive, that the Abyss boehme-mysteriun God is all one: The Testament of Gad.

And now as we acknowledge that in the spiritual holy World there is an Essence, viz. It is frequent with men, to be apprentices seven years to learn a trade, or as they properly call it a mystery, and because it is their employment by which men get their livelihoods, they are loath to divulge it, lest thereby they come short of what else they might comfortably enjoy for the maintenance of themselves and families; yet so much pains is taken for a poor transitory benefit.

But the Desire is a Property: The Word was God, and all things were made by it, and in it was life, and the life was the light of men, and that was the true light which lights every man that comes into the world. Did not he know the Judgment of God and the Fall? The inward holy figure stands thus.

Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling. The third Ground is the Love-desire, wherein the Free Lubet, with its Colours and Virtues of the Powers, has exacuated [sharpened] itself through Nature, and introduced itself through the Fire’s Inflammation into a spiritual Dominion; which [Lubet] displays itself with the Powers in the Light magnu an Eternal Kingdom of Joy.

Poison, Life, Growth, Senses.

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