The Hendershot Motor Mystery [F. D. Fleming] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/ The Hendershot Motor , MB The Hendershot , MB. The New . F. D. Flemming, “The Hendershot Motor Mystery,’ Fate, vol.3, no.l, January , pages Also: Gaston Burridge, “The So-Called Hendershot Motor,’ Round.

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The skewers are for kabobs from the grocery store. Elite Hero Member Posts: I now have a motor built on that principle that will rotate at a constant speed, a speed predetermined when the motor is built.

Here’s henndershot link about the Earth Induction Compass, that was used at the time by Lindbergh mottor his trans Atlantic flight. The sketch drawing is rather crude and has many mistakes from a drafting perspective mixing front sectional with pure frontal views.

The guys at NuTech get it almost right, but still have erred in their sectional depiction of coils 4 and 22 on page It makes no difference that the coil is rotating in the earth field or in the field of a permanent magnet. The larger model which has not yet been hooked to a motor that will deliver power to a crankshaft, Major Lanphier himself helped build. Google and read about the induction compass, very interesting! EMdevices on The main secret of Mr. This two coil receiver that gets mentioned now is some other invention that never worked properly.

Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

Scripts from iScript4u One thing that concerns me is the fact that his early free energy invention motor is not the same as what is now presented as his invention basket coils He invented a motor, not some receiver coils, and that’s what Lindberg and others witnessed.


It seems Hendershot may have used this flux switching of the earth magnetic field to generate a small signal as proof of invention, with the coils 19 and 25 being the output coils. Administrator Hero Member Posts: I do like Ion’s 2 separate boards. The second model is built around a ring magnet, the outside diameter of which is seven inches and the inside diameter six inches. The wire would have to ordered. Is there someone who would combine these views into an isometric or 3D drawing?

The magnet in the motor, he thinks, probably would have to be recharged after about hours of operation. But it must be set before each flight, and is not always reliable. Coils 4 and 22 may have served to regenerate the weak earth field with heneershot 4 and 31 being a variable reluctance oscillator portion.

Building an oscillating magnetic field device will get you warnings.

My son and I attempted the more complex Hendershot back in to no avail. It is large at mb.

They don’t necessarily have to be on rails. Or maybe this is easier to visualize, we use the current induced in the rotor to magnetize the myxtery coils to strengten the magnetic field even more, at each location, so we move the magnetic field location with the rotor position, always at its maximum to induced the maximum voltage to generate the maximum henrershot so that it generates the maximum magnetic field in the stator, so on and so forth, on and on in a circular loop that only amplifies itself with time.


I also have a download link to download Deepcuts video in avi format if anyone wants a file copy, just PM me and i will mail the link. If we let current flow then there will be a torque on the rotor, but where is the counter torque realized?

Directory contents of /pdf/Reference_Material/Hendershot/

Hendershot today stated there was nothing mysterious about his motor, that the force that energizes it is the “same force that pulls the needle of the compass, mysgery there is nothing mysterious about that”.

On the earth itself? Hendershot declares mystety one of his motors, complete and ready to be installed in an airplane would weigh little more than four ounces for every horsepower it developed, while the best of the gas engines now built weighs about two pounds per horsepower.

Where does Hendershot explain the operation of the Mark 1 device? Deepcut66 is trying to get ahold of the specs in regards to the device in his video. Now mhstery do you think he got this? Yes, I am a builder. He still reminds me of the winding blisters. Home Help Search Login Register.

Lester J Hendershot Generator

And it runs vac devices. A Story of Free Energy J. While unwilling to describe it in detail until pending patents have been received, Major Lanphier told hendershpt little about it.

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