Hellstrom’s Hive is a good example of this, taken on face value the novel is just as good a novel as Dune (if not better) but differs incredibly in. I recently picked up one of his non Dune related novels titled Hellstrom’s Hive and it does seem like a faint echo of Dune. When I first started. If you can find a copy of Hellstrom’s Hive, by all means read it. I’ve read a good handful of Herbert’s non-Dune books over the years (most of.

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Audiobook sounds like someone reading Wind in the Willows. I don’t see the point in hashing over the story in a review. The third act is a non stop action sequence, which i thought was rather well done. Blaylock 1 James S. I listened to this book as an audio book. In ‘Hive’, these are among the aspects that Hellstrom and his people consider most important to their society. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Characters areof course, thinking about thinking about thinking about what the other side is going to be doing. Yes, this is a very creepy novel. Yellstrom read them all, but I was hoping hhellstrom one, my first foray into his non-Dune world fictional books was not going to be all “Fremen are bees or ants and that’s enviable.

Seeing where Herbert got his inspiration did significantly change my perception of the novel so I guess it was worth watching the rather poor movie after all. Some good classic SF from a very accomplished author. I recommend this book. Proudly powered by Monkeys.

The narrative flips between the Hive perspective and the Agency’s perspective, as each finds out more about what the other is doing, the Agency trying to find out about the weapon the Hive is working on, and the Hive trying to keep Outsiders away and in the dark long enough to reach some accommodation with them. Herbert often helllstrom horror with his science fiction and I kind of wished he had focused more on the horror in this novel.


Perhaps I let my anthropological sensibilities be persuaded with his attention to cultural and social detail in his Dune series to miss the glaring agenda staring back at the reader from the pages of all his works.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. There are three motive forces to follow the hive, the agency leadership, and a couple of field agents who are the people I most related to in the book that are all coming into conflict here.

The essence as another reviewer has put it in a nutshell: Scott Like Like Reply. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Some of the books here I got from the library. This is not without reason. As for the overall story itself, it is incredible, and I had a hard time stopping many times. If her womb could be maintained, she might yet serve the Hive. Jul 23, Keith Davis rated it liked it.

But I read them in my very early teens, and don’t remember much of them. The government agencies have a heady mix of politics and paranoia–very much a product of the cold war though the ill-defined and never ending ‘war on terror’ keeps this atmosphere frighteningly current.

Hellstrom’s Hive

Seems like some editing could have been used here. And although Herbert will always be remembered for the ‘Dune’ series, hivw is arguable that Dr. Oct 09, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

A unique, fun read, with plenty of tension, a fair amount of action, some creepy horror, an exciting climax, and an ending that invites a sequel. Another interesting thing is a main character of Black heritage who is ‘passing’ for White, but it doesn’t really come into play – unless you relate it to The Hive progeny who are ‘passing’ as Human.


Hellstrom’s Hive, by Frank Herbert | the Little Red Reviewer

If the Hive’s interest is best served by maintaining an individual only for the purpose of procreation, why keep and feed all of those unnecessary parts? Apr 07, Shawn rated it really liked it.

Green Brain was a little freaky, but really good too. Three and half stars. Redhead January 28, at Sorry, your blog cannot share posts bive email. While the Dune books usually are overflowing with really catchy, memorable ideas and themes that we keep imitating to this day the spice, the space guild, the Bene Gesserit, Kwisatz Haderach, the Golden Path, Sand worms, personal shields, the Sardukar etc.

However, there are examples of works hllstrom fiction that constructively take older works and recontextualise some of hellatrom elements in a way that the original creator would never have imagined.

To support his own life, an insect will heolstrom as much as a hundred times his own weight each day—which to each of us would be like eating an entire cow, a herd of thirty each month. His famous series is the Dune series, and even that is not so easy to dive into. He also seems to go back to ecological concerns for his books fairly often. The agents never experience a positive emotion, hellstrlm are all driven by anger, fear, jealousy, and hatred, and they betray and undermine each other at every opportunity.

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