Guide of Genex Probe forLTE Drive Test Huawei confidential, LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V3 5 Tutorial. Probe The Genex Probe and Genex Assistant for drive tests are part of the Genex series. . LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V Tutorial. Uploaded by. Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not.

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gejex The static GPS adjustment is enabled. All test items will be executed in ascending order. The information venex the device in the first log file serves as a reference and the data is merged by device port. Cell number start Indicates the start number for cells. Playback the Log file created during the drive test or export the data. This chapter describes the following: For the Scanner, the Probe conducts: Fingers at ANT1 Note: You can use the View tab and the Choose Device option on the standard toolbar to open the parameter pane.

The Up, Down, Delete, or Save button becomes unavailable. The Event dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Choose the signal source for the Tutorila. You do not have to set the uplink and downlink guranteed rates for the background class and interactive class.


Introduction to GENEX Probe

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Indicates the maximum number of fingers available at ANT1. Control Mode z Test by time: Scanner measurement z Anritsu Proge z DTI Scanner In addition to the outdoor measurement, the Probe also supports walking measurement and vertical measurement.

App Throughput The App Throughput window displays the following information: Unspecified The Unspecified is to set the common properties of the unspecified base station measurement.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe – PDF Free Download

MHz z Ranges from Tuttorial 45 MHz is at most. In such a situation, the PING service is not being connected. For details about main interface operations, refer to section 6. Data Configuration Figure shows the data items used in the video streaming test.

The main contents of the chapters are as follows: Figure Log Time Setting dialog box Table lists the setting of the log time. Figure MeasureChannel dialog box 8. The messages are visible only when the associated items gennex LogMask are selected. The Probe supports alarms under special situations. The second method is applicable only to the dynamic layers.

Set such test plans as calling test, FTP sending or loading, or concurrent service tests. Chapter 11 File Exporting Function describes how to export the data. Figure Setting parameters 4 Click OK. The Setup Status dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure According the protocols, the guranteed rate is irrelevant in the background class and interactive class.


Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe

The system detects the connection status of the port, as shown in Figure Indicates whether or not to measure the time offset. Exceptional Indicates the period between the exceptional end of a call Interval sec and the next call.

Zoom out Choose Zoom Out, and click the map to zoom out it. Figure Information dialog box 6. Indicates the maximum time for call setup.

To begin a test Note: The GPS adjustment is enabled. Both the actual measurement events and the playback events are displayed in the Event List chart in the real-time manner. Only the Qualcomm and can be connected to the serial port. The captured window is saved in a. In case of server layers Entire map available, you need to select the layer to be displayed.

If the PS service test is not necessary, the dialup connection setting is optional.

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