The goal of this design project is to design, analyze, and manufacture a chassis for the University of Delaware FSAE team. Through extensive. Designing and constructing a chassis and suspension system for a Formula SAE racecar is a highly complex task involving the interaction of hundreds of parts. PDF | On Oct 25, , Lucas Iensen Bortoluzzi and others published Formula SAE Chassis Design to Improve Suspension Tuning.

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Our team decided dseign go Chassis first and now we’re either stuck with a 1. Again, I greatly appreciate your posts and help Sam. Would I need more software support than just Solidworks and its simulation packages? Any suggestions on what we should take into account before we actually start CADing everything out? Examples of the easy decisions: You are not designing to any crash loading cases.

Common wheelbase is often 1. And the “law of pi” definitely applies when it comes to building a car from scratch. The FSAE advice facebook group is good for getting more than one response though, and I know some judges read through it as well.

Restraint – Tire contact with ground. That is, you understand how the suspension forces are reacted in to the chassis, or how effectively is your differential mounted with respect to handling torque, and especially that you don’t have bolts or rod ends in bending Your due diligence for crash safety is achieved by meeting the chassis rules. Keep in mind the rules exist for safety, and a level playing field, they are not guidelines for performance I read a neat SAE paper where they compared cornering performance to torsion stiffness.


If your frame is a wet noodle, but still meets the rules, you can drive in endurance. In reality, that’s not an efficient way to do it.

Design and optimization of a Formula SAE racecar chassis and suspension

Just functional, and it has to WORK. A more realistic method is fixturing the frame anywhere away from where you are concerned with stress.

Just will not be competitive or easy to drive. The engineers behind the rulebook have decided that you must use 1″x0.

Also slightly less embarrassing. My question is that are the parameters for those tests given? I read a neat SAE paper where they compared cornering performance to torsion stiffness. Composites is quite complex and you will simply shoot yourself in the foot with that as you are bringing an car on track wich you do not fully understand, thus you cannot max the performance of the fse.

All items in DSpace MIT are protected by original copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Submit a new text post. I’m currently working on the chassis design and was wondering, what are the major the design criteria that go deeign designing the chassis apart from the FSAE regulations sesign course. Btw chasis it bothers you that I’m asking a lot I can stop: Does the front wheel see positive camber from pickup point deflection when turning?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Make sure multiple sizes of drivers are comfortable. The thesis will serve as a summary of the knowledge that I have accumulated over four years of personally designing and overseeing the manufacturing of the MIT Motorsports suspension, provide insight into the design of the MY vehicle, and act as a guide for future chassis designers.


I would recommend reading the alternative frame rules section as a learning exercise, but not building to them, as despite the extended design time, you will probably end up with ddsign heavier frame than ‘SES’ rules.

I would only run a couple iterations once you have determined that everything will fit in the car and gsae the required templates will pass. Impact is a weird case for fixturing, because in reality the fixture is inertia. My team and I are currently beginning the design process for our Chassis.

Analysis includes examining the stiffness, strength, and weight of each part, as well as design verification. Post here to have your team added to the wiki. So many teams fail at this. Join Our Discord Chat Cbassis here to have your team added to the wiki.

Designing an FSAE chassis –

Additionally, many of the tube cross-sections are specified in the rules, so there is not a whole lot left for optimization, other than how you “connect the dots. I’m used to combustion, so you might have some funky battery things that need frame considerations 4 Connect the dots with rule appropriate tubing.

Faae may even consider simulating the front and rear separately by fixing the main roll hoop.

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