KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Sign up Already a member? If you don’t have an IC extractorcarefully pry up the chip from either end with the plastic prong on a Bic pen cap.

DW-8000/Owner’s Manaul

By manial these precautions you needn f t worry about static. Note that 10 is helpfully labelled on the silk screen! A flashlight is static electricity.

Hold the board so that the round lithium battery is at the forward left side. You are facing the DW’s lower half from it’s front. Go slowly and check often to see if it is all the way in. Observe the cable and plastic plunger clip.

The joystick is on the left now. The purpose of initialization is to remove garbled data that will confuse the DW ‘ s operating procedures and to clear garbled characters from the display. Between this and the right edge you will see that there is one 1C chip that is different from the rest. It looks scary when it bends, but if you press down as deer ibed, it’s OK! It may even come out when you close the DW.


Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Sounds will not normally be lost when install ing Turbo, but it could happen accidentally or if it becomes mankal to do the ” init ial izat i on ff procedure.

After a few seconds, the display will show the regular patch and parameter information, as usual. Please find a technician who will cooperate. If you are uncertain about your ability to open the DW and handle its components carefully, please refer the installation to a qualified technician.

The synth is now ready, time to prepare the Nano.

This will erase all memory in the DW and replace it with a legal set of blank patches with all parameters set to their lowest values. Unplug all electrical connections first and do not touch anything connected to electricity. If you experience static electricity discharges in your home you will certainly need to take precautions.

Downloads | DW – Owner’s Manaul | KORG (USA)

Press the 5 and 8 buttons and hold them down while you turn the power switch on. For the larger ones I wrote the connector number on the side with permanent marker, for the smaller ones I attached a label to the wire.

Manula relevant bit is on page Humidify your work area by boiling water until condensation forms on the windows. A flashlight is very handy here! Disconnecting certain vires can scramble the memory contents and the DW will require re-initialization. Make sure all pins are aligned before pressing them into the socket.


Korg – DW – Owner’s Manual

The one you are looking for is in the rear center and has 14 pins, white printing on the circuit board identifies it as IC number 29 “IC29”. At this point I decided it was a good time to replace the battery, before it leaked or died. Static electricity is not likely to cause any problems during the Turbo installation, nor is the TURBO board especially sensitive, but it maunal wise to take precautions when working on all’ integrated electronics components. Manusl should sight along the 2 rows of pins at eye level to make sure they are all straight and going into the socket.

Check at least five times that you have the polarity correct before you solder in the battery holder, otherwise very bad things will happen. Don’t try to guess, Just tell us exactly what happened!

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