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The method of I-labelling of ram sperma was applied to frozen sperma and used in experimental insemination to test the spermatozoa for both migratory capacity and distribution in generaal genital tract of sheep. The penetration rate of frozen sperma into the upper genital tract was found to be slower than that of native sperma.

The two sperma variants were compared also for migratory performance, and the distance travelled into the upper genital tract by frozen astronpmia one hour after insemination amounted baiulin only 40 per cent of the distance covered by native sperma in the same period of time.

The ratio of native to frozen sperma in the fe region was Sperma population in the tubal region was higher than that in the geeneral, two hours after insemination, which seems to indicate a certain reservoir function. Pronounced asymmetrical distribution patterns in the oviducts were equally recordable from native and frozen sperma. Distribution pattern and migration of I-labelled sperma in the geneal cervix of sheep, following insemination.

Distribution pattern of ram sperma in the uterine cervix astronmoia inseminated sheep were determined using I for labelling. Emphasis in these studies was laid on comparison between diluted native sperma and deep- frozen sperma. All geneal so far obtained suggested that the migration capacity cjrso most of the ram sperms had been impaired by the freezing-melting process. The amount of deep- frozen sperms present in the cranial region of the uterine cervix, a few hours after insemination, was significantly below that of native sperms.

The difference was equally high and significant between native and deep- frozen sperma regarding the presence of labelled sperma between caudal and cranial regions. Evidence was produced to unambiguous nest formation of inseminated sperma in the uterine cervix. These findings are followed by a discussion of the role played by the uterine cervix as a site of sperma selection and as sperma reservoir following insemination.

Effect of heterologous seminal plasma and semen extenders on motility of frozen -thawed ram spermatozoa. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Ram seminal plasma increases the fertility of frozen -thawed ram spermatozoa deposited into the cervix.

The aim of the current study was to compare the effect of ram seminal plasma to that of bull seminal plasma, dog prostatic fluid, protein-free TALP, TrilEq Triladyl with 0. Three ejaculates from each of 6 rams were extended in TrilEq, pooled and frozen in straws as a single batch per ram. One hundred and eight straws 3 straws from each ram for each fluid were thawed in random order. Once thawed, a straw was emptied into a tube with 0.


Motility was assessed at x magnification immediately time zero and 2, 4 and 6 h after thawing. Progressive motility decreased from each time to the next P Ram seminal plasma resulted in higher progressive motility than bull seminal plasma, lower than milk, and similar to the other fluids. Ram seminal plasma resulted in lower aberrant motility than protein-free TALP and similar aberrant motility to other fluids. The effect of ram seminal plasma and dog prostatic fluid was very similar.

The effect of ram seminal plasma on the fertility of frozen -thawed ram spermatozoa deposited into the cervix is not due an exceptionally beneficial effect on the motility of spermatozoa. Effect of hours liquid preservation on migration of I-labelled sperma in the genital tract of ewes, following artificial insemination.

Información da Materia – Facultade de Bioloxía – USC

Comparative studies on migration and distribution of I-labelled ram sperma in the genital tract of estrus-synchronized ewes at different points of astronoomia after insemination 40, and minutes. The sperma had been preserved in liquid condition for 4 or 22 hours.

The results suggested that up to 2 hours after insemination the migration of sperma preserved 22 hours was clearly slower lower transcervical passage and smaller amount in oviducts than that of sperma preserved 4 hours. These differences were significant 2 hours after insemination and were reduced, with mutual adjustment of distribution patterns, between 2 and 4 hours after insemination.

The pattern of migration was affected by certain physiological factors. Obviously the optimum timing of insemination is of great importance in applying 22 hours preserved ram sperma.


Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Prinsip termodinamika dalam proses pendinginan sperma sapi semen beku. Telah dilakukan penelitian prinsip termodinamika dalam proses pendinginan sperma sapi semen beku. Sperma sapi semen sebagai sampel utama dan besi sebagai sampel pembanding.

Nitrogen cair sebagai bahan pendingin untuk membekukan semen dalam tangki kriogenik. Motility Analysis Semen dilakukan untuk mengetahui gerakan massa atau kualitas semen.

Formats and Editions of Curso de astronomía general []

Soy lecithin interferes with mitochondrial function in frozen -thawed ram spermatozoa. Egg gejeral and milk are the 2 major membrane cryoprotectants commonly used in freezing media for the long-term preservation of semen alone or in combination with others.

However, in recent years, there have been increasing arguments against the use of egg yolk or milk because of the risk of introducing diseases through the use of cryopreserved semen. In this study, we analyzed the protective effect of lecithin as an alternative to egg yolk for the cryopreservation of ram semen, using a range of functional genearl for sperm viability, motility, apoptosis, and mitochondrial functionality analyses mitochondrial inner membrane surface [MIMS], mitochondrial inner membrane potential [MIMP], and cell membrane potential as methods of assessment in samples diluted in 3 different media: Tris-citrate-glucose as control and 2 media supplemented with soy lecithin or egg yolk.

The results showed that lecithin was able to effectively protect certain sperm quality characteristics against freezing-induced damage. However, lecithin induced loss of mitochondrial membrane cursp or mitochondrial loss that was not reflected by modifications astroomia sperm motility in fresh semen.

MIMS and MIMP values decreased in thawed lecithin-treated samples, concomitant with a lower P lecithin may have affected the inner mitochondrial membrane in frozenthawed spermatozoa and confirmed that sublethal damages that seriously affect sperm functionality, not detected by classic sperm quality analyses, can be evidenced by changes in the inner mitochondrial membrane surface.

These findings strengthen the relationship between mitochondrial membrane potential and motility and show that the mitochondrial alterations induced by the cryopreservation process could bakulinn specific targets for the improvement of semen cryopreservation protocols.

Full Text Available Free radicals are known to be involved in lipid peroxidation astronojia well as DNA and sperm membrane damages that may lead to decreased sperm motility or cell death. The balance between free radical production and their detoxification may be an important factor in sperm survival and function before, during and after cryopreservation. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of the addition of the antioxidants of oxidized glutathione GSSG, bovine serum albumin BSA, cysteine and lycopene to freezing media on the post-thawing sperm characteristics, including motility, morphology, acrosome integrity, viability and membrane integrity.

A total number of 42 ejaculates were collected using asttonomia artifi cial vagina from 4 Akkaraman rams and 10 replicates of the ejaculates were diluted with a Tris-based extender containing additives and no additives as control. The aim of this research was to determine the proportion, viability and motility of X and Y ram spermatozoa separated with egg white albumin. Sperm samples derived from Garut ramwhich was collected by using an artificial vagina.

Observations were made on spermatozoa fraction above and below each medium fraction treatment. There are treatment egg white albumin as separation medium, each medium consisting of fractions top and bottom fraction with different concentration: The proportion of spermatozoa X and Y was highest in treatment P3, It was concluded that the egg white albumin is very effective in changing the proportions of X and Y ram sperm with the quality of spermatozoa after separation feasible for applications insemination or processed into frozen semen.

Garut ramWhite egg albumin, Spermatozoa X and Y. Full Text Available The objective of this study was to examine the effectiveness of fetal bovine serum FBS against thequality of garut ram frozen semen. Semen was collected from one mature garut ram using artificial vagina. Semen at the concentration of x motilespermatozoa was loaded in 0. Semen was equilibrated at 50C for three hours, then freezeand stored in liquid nitrogen container.

The quality of balulin spermatozoa including percentages of motileand live spermatozoa, intact plasma membrane IPM were evaluated following diluting, equilibratingand thawing process. A Complete Randomized design using four treatments and five replicates were usedin the study.

The results showed that there was no significant difference p ram frozen semen. Tribulus terrestris dikenal sebagai bahan yang dapat memperbaiki kualitas sperma. Salah satu jenis jamu yang diproduksi di Indonesia mengandung Curo terrestris Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh jamu dengan Tribulus terrestris terhadap konsentrasi, motilitas, dan morfologi spermatozoa tikus wistar jantan Rattus norvegicus.


Penelitian ini menggunakan metode eksperimental. Sampel 9 ekor tikus wistar jantan Rattus norvegicus dibagi menjadi 3 kelompok yakni, kelompok P Full Text Available Penelitian pengamatan telur dan sperma induk ikan belida Notopterus chitala yang dipelihara di kolam telah dilakukan dari bulan Agustus —Maret Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perkembangan telur dan sperma induk ikan belida yang dipelihara di kolam.

Induk ikan belida dipelihara di kolam dengan pola induk betina saja, induk jantan saja, induk betina dan induk jantan secara bersama. Pengukuran dilakukan terhadap suhu harian, curah hujan, dan konduktivitas selama pemeliharaan serta melihat pengaruhnya terhadap perkembangan telur dan jumlah sperma serta motilitasnya. Selama pengamatan tujuh bulan, peningkatan curah hujan menyebabkan perubahan suhu dan konduktivitas air kolam pemeliharaan dan mempengaruhi jumlah spermatozoa dan motilitasnya demikian juga terhadap perkembangan telurnya.

Induk jantan yang dipelihara secara terpisah, setiap bulannya dijumpai induk matang, sedangkan yang dicampur, pada bulan Februari dan Maret tidak dijumpai sperma matang. Pada induk betina baik yang terpisah maupun dicampur, bulan Februari dan Maret tidak dijumpai induk matang. Research on eggs and sperm development of featherback Notopterus chitala reared in earthen pond was conducted during August —March The aim of the research was to observe the eggs and sperm development.

Featherback broodstocks were reared in ponds as female only, male only, and female and male broodstock together. Measurement was done on the daily water temperature, conductivity and amount of rainfall during rearing period and also was obseved the eggs development and amount of sperms and their motilities. During the seven months of rearing, increasing the rainfall caused the alteration of temperature and conductivity of pond water.

They influenced the amount of sperm and their motility and so did the eggs development. The males broodstock in separated rearing, each month was found matured sperm, while in mixed rearing, on Februari and March was not found. The present study intends to open a new theoretical means of analysis within the field of comparative memories.

Through the metaphorical designation of RAM memory we will try to observe the continuous circulation of social discourses related to the collective memory of a particular community.

The legacy version resided in the File-Maker Pro software system and was constructed in modules that could act as standalone programs. There was little or no integration among modules.

Because of limitations on file-management capabilities in FileMaker Pro, and because of difficulty of integration of FileMaker Pro with other software systems for exchange of data using such industry standards as SQL, the legacy version of RAMS proved to be limited, and working to circumvent its limitations too time-consuming.

Whereas in the legacy version, it was necessary to access individual modules to gain insight into a particular workstatus document, SQL- RAMS provides access through a single-screen presentation of core modules. It provides users the ability to perform many tasks, which in the past required administrator intervention. Additionally, many of the design limitations have been corrected, allowing for a robust application that is user centric.

Sharma, Dr Ram Swaroop. Sharma, Dr Ram Swaroop Ph. In June this year, delegates from more than 30 Antarctic Treaty nations met and agreed on a set of rules under the ‘Convention on the Regulation of Antartic Mineral Resource Activities’.

The convention presents a legal basis for mining which previously did not exist but it requires the two-third approval of a regulatory committee comprising countries both with and without territorial claims. However, the environment of the Antarctic is so harsh that very few in the international mining industry consider mining in the frozen continent a viable proposition.

Our goal is to allow a client and server carrying out an ORAM protocol to have disputes adjudicated by a third party, allowing for the enforcement of penalties against an unreliable or malicious server. We give a security definition that guarantees protection not only against a malicious server but also against a client making false accusations. These protocols both have the same asymptotic runtimes as the semi-honest original versions and require the external verifier to be involved only when the client or server deviates from the protocol.

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