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Yes, socialistic realism ought to own up to the fact that it is the twin brother of political realism.

My first foray into Camus, these three essays are as powerful and thought-provoking banal, I know, but befitting as one would expect. In other words, at the very moment when the artist chooses to share the fate of all, he asserts the individual he is.

Art lives only on the constraints it imposes on itself; it dies of all others. Alas, reality is more complex. Nothing simple, that is certain.

Posted on October 21, by lindaessig. What is freedom and what is art? Art is neither complete rejection nor complete acceptance of what is.

And Balzac suggested this in a sentence: It is not enough to say in this regard that art is threatened by the powers of the State. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. No justice can do without intellectual freedom and no freedom can do without social justice, which obviously entails the economic and political. Once again indeed, Camus’ thought is not influenced by any political faction: The book is a collection of three essays, though I have a suspicion that one may be a speech, Create Dangerously, Defend Intellingens, and Bread and Freedom.


But such melancholy in no way changes reality.

Art serves politics more than ever. If they speak up, they are criticized and attacked. When a ruling class measures its fortunes, not by the acre of land or the ingot of gold, but by the number of figures corresponding ideally to a certain number of exchange operations, it thereby condemns itself to setting a certain kind cretae humbug at the center of its experience and its universe. But for everything else, and especially on state occasions, she is requested to keep her mouth shut.

For it is not certain that the word has a meaning; it is not certain that realism, even if it is desirable, is possible.

Consequently, there is danherously surprising in the fact that almost everything worth while created in the mercantile Europe of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—in literature, for instance—was raised up against the society of its time.

So maybe the truth of what Camus had to say in this regard needs to be repositioned to take account of the fractured nature of contemporary society.

Create Dangerously

If this were clearly stated, the discussion would be easier. The doubt felt by artists of today concerns the necessity dangerouslyy their art, hence their very existence. Renown, which in bourgeois society consisted in not being read or in being misunderstood, will in a totalitarian society consist in keeping others from being read.

Apr 09, Russio rated it it was amazing.

Travels in the Congo. Art culminates thus in forced optimism, the worst of luxuries, it so happens, and the most ridiculous of lies. In the face of so much suffering.


Create Dangerously! | Creative Infrastructure

The main part of this thin book is not about colonialism but nature amazed, charmed, and frightened Gide, who writes with his usual guilelesssness, without any aesthetic pretentiousness.

And his methods still useful. Return to Book Page. xreate

As soon as they did, they denied that the artist had a right to solitude and offered him as a subject, not his dreams, but reality as it is lived and endured by all. In another essay he speaks about the concept of freedom and whether we are really free within the confines of society.

In other dangerouslg, the true object of socialistic realism is precisely what has no reality yet.

Camus argues that art should provoke and speak up for those who cannot and that sort of attitude is something we need in art always, back then but even now. Instead of being a judge, he is a justifier.

Dreams change from individual to individual, but the reality of the world is common to us all. But when even the simplest words and phrases cost their weight in freedom and blood, the artist must learn to handle them with restraint.

Finally, that art will be socialistic insofar as it is not realistic.

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