Jedi Twilight has ratings and 99 reviews. With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the Jedi Knights virtually wiped out, one Jedi who escaped the. Jedi Twilight is the first book in Michael Reaves’ series Coruscant Nights, set in the Dark Times. Summary[edit]. With the dark ascension of the Empire, and the. Coruscant Nights is a trilogy of novels by Michael Reaves. The series is set in the Star Wars A stand-alone follow-up novel to the trilogy, The Last Jedi, was released in , which was Jedi Twilight · Streets of Shadows · Patterns of Force.

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Jan 02, Scott rated it really liked it. This is all too sophisticated form what I’m used to in a Star Wars book.

My, what a tiny, close-knit web we weave. Trivia About Jedi Twilight St Onslaught Dark Tide II: I read a lot of Star Trek novels during my tween and teen coruscajt, but then only a handful of Star Wars books. Shadow Hunter ” Darth Maul: Wowee, talk about a ride! What he There is nothing particularly outstanding about the first novel in the “Coruscant Nights” series.

What he instead seems intereted in delivering is a surprisingly standard Star Wars adventure, which, in the right hands, can be a lot of fun. Others search for the elusive Jax too.

I can’t even quite remember what happens in it!

It was an awkward scene to begin with in an otherwise great movie. Want to Read saving…. The series is set in the Star Wars universe a year after Star Wars: The middle is kinda slow and almost padded. He includes a wide variety of species, which is something that many authors forget to do but is essential in maintaining the sense of diversity and depth that makes Star Wars so great scenes like the cantina in ANH or Jabba’s Palace, for instance, or any street view on Tatooine or Coruscant.


This raises something to I-Five about sentience, which he wants to achieve, because this droid went beyond its protocol to defend its masters’ honor.

Coruscant Nights Canon C.

I also liked how humans were portrayed in the eyes of a different species. Droids that could sometimes think for themselves can be quite scary.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights I – Jedi Twilight

Jax Pavan is a Jedi knight living in the shadows of Coruscant in the early days of the empire. Jefi list of Star Wars books. One of the things that I’ve always loved about science fiction twliight a genre is how adaptable it is – lots of people have had a lot of success meshing sci-fi with everything from fantasy Star Warsto westerns Fireflyto horror the Alien trilogy. That didn’t really mar my fun too mu As always, when picking up a new Star Wars series, I feel like I’m coming in on the middle of something.

Very slow start and too many different plots and characters. It is definitely a book to be read and savored, despite its new non-canonical status. I did ngihts enjoy this novel and think it’s one of the better additions to the Star Wars series.


Jedi Twilight (Star Wars: Coruscant Nights): Michael Reaves: : Books

By order of the Emperor, all Jedis were branded as enemies of the state and were to be killed twilihht sight. So when Nick Rostu appears also escaping the Purges–it’s more common than you think with a gnarly new scar on his cheek to save the day with his band of underworld ruffians, who better to pass the message along to coruzcant him? I really grew attached to Nick, felt his struggles and understood his past.

Coruscant Nights — Legends. That balance makes the series worth reading, or at least this first entry. Revenge of the Sith Some of the action was good, some was just over too quickly.

Jedi Twilight: Star Wars Legends (Coruscant Nights, Book I)

Onslaught Dark Tide II: The plotting is thus complex and well-executed, if not particularly interesting compare it to, for instance, the web of plotting and counter-plot inferring of Zahn’s Thrawn Twilihgt. The Emperor’s second-in-command, Darth Vader, has taken it upon himself to seek and destroy any remaining Jedi.

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