Protocols. •. CIWA-AR Lorazepam Dosing. Order Sets. •. OSU IP GEN: Alcohol Withdrawal-. Low/Moderate Risk (Utilizing CIWA) []. •. OSU IP GEN: Alcohol . instrument, such as the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol Scale (CIWA-Ar), a measure of withdrawal severity, or some equivalent. Alcohol Withdrawal Protocol. Give Thiamine mg IV initially and qd (po, IM/IV), Folate 1mg qd, MVI qd. Assess current state of withdrawal with CIWA-Ar.

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Moderate, with patient’s arms extended.

Are you seeing things you know are not there? Paces back and forth during most of the interview, or constantly thrashes about. Constant nausea, frequent dry heaves and vomiting. Patients frequently under-report alcohol use and physicians often overlook alcohol problems in patients.

In this case, the patient was unwell and required high doses, so we opted for a liberal scale to minimize underdosing. While scores of 10 or less rarely need pharmacologic treatment, clinical judgement is still very important with scores between About the Creator Dr. Articles by Webber, A. Critical Actions Other conditions can mimic or coexist with alcohol withdrawal, including: Do you know of cases when it has been applied, interpreted, or used inappropriately?


Disoriented for date by no more than 2 calendar days. Can you give an example of a scenario in which you use it? Oriented, can do serial additions.

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Phenobarbital vs CIWA-Ar Protocol

Appraisal of the Glasgow assessment and management of alcohol guideline: These might include patients with a clouded sensorium from acute psychosis or severe dementia, those with mechanical communication problems including severe facial trauma limiting speech and vision, and those with intubation. Creating an account is free, easy, and takes about 60 seconds. Rather, it is an approach to treatment that can be useful when other validated tools cannot be proticol applied.

In general, any suspicion of daily alcohol use over several weeks or more, rpotocol of quantity, should raise concern for potential alcohol withdrawal. On day 6, the OAWS and treatment with lorazepam was discontinued and the patient was discharged in stable condition on day 8.

Related Article Clinical Pearls: Does it feel like there is a band around your head?


Was there a particular clinical experience or patient encounter that inspired you to create this tool for clinicians? Please fill out required fields. In a hospitalized population this might be a common scenario; acute medical issues can contribute to delirium and complicate the clinical picture. Reoux Peotocol, Miller K. He was confused and disoriented to time and place.

Very mild harshness protoclo ability or frighten. Almost 30 years after we published this paper, I still get approached about its implementation.

CIWA-Ar for Alcohol Withdrawal – MDCalc

Utilizing CIWA-Ar to assess use of benzodiazepines in patients vulnerable to alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Is its color different?

Are you hearing things you know are not there? Successful implementation of an alcohol-withdrawal pathway in a general hospital. WebberMD William P. First, there was a substantial language barrier preventing the discussions necessary for accurate scoring.

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