PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and The Tools and Techniques sport catalog is still available as a PDF. The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Sharing expertise “My father, Fernand Petzl, was an artisan and explorer with a passion for caving. For him.

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It is impossible to empty your haul bag at each station to find an item forgotten at the bottom.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl /pdf

Slide the progress capture pulley down the rope to put the sling under tension. Lanyards will keep the child connected to the cable in case of a fall. In multi-pitch climbs, a situation can quickly pezl complicated and delicate. It remains at a high a level for a certain period of time, then decreases markedly after that time.

The lower climber lowers the bag on a Munter hitch while the upper climber hauls gently. With children, it is essential to use a rope along with energy absorbing lanyardsBelaying from a fixed anchor1 – On a via ferrata, as with all vertical activities, there is never a zero risk factor.

In my twenty-five years of amateur mountaineering and climbing, never an accident, not even a close call. It is more economical to use – it pays for itself after four sets of alkaline batteries.

With a party of two, the surface climber is alone. This will be your footloop.

  HCPL 0466 PDF

Jocelyn ChavyClimber check by belayer: It offers an pdtzl over standard batteries for frequent or intensive headlamp use. A case in point: Slowly and smoothly transfer the weight. Technical training is essential. However, learning the right moves, both for climbing and for using the equipment, significantly reduces the risk of accident. Choose a via ferrata that you know, one that is manageable, with escape options, and suited petlz your technical level as well as your childs Explain the instructions for safe progression before leaving Be properly equipped: Lets explore these parameters.

Stabilize the quickdraw carabiner and put the rope through it. The stresses placed on a bolt when lowering or rappelling are therefore practically identical.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl 2011/pdf

Any day, a seemingly innocent series of events can lead to what many experts have sadly experienced. The energy available is thus better conserved.

Unregulated lighting As soon as the headlamp is on, light output cxtalogo to decrease gradually. Consequences of a broken bolt If the top bolt breaks, the climber will be held under the next quickdraw by the Prusik knot.

Low bulk and flexible rear equipment loops prevent the waistbelt from interfering while wearing a pack. A dead-man anchor is used The principle is to use an object cataalogo provides sufficient resistance to the tension exerted on it.

Petzl Sport Catalog En – [PDF Document]

Why not we climbers, mountaineers and cavers? For greater security, why not petz advantage of the fact that there are usually two climbers?

Technique tested on a 4m fall with an 80kg weight, using a 7mm Prusik cordelette and a single 9. Some tips for preparing the outing: Verify the jamming direction. Very breathable for those long, hot days.


This progressive decrease allows longer battery life. In snow, it is important to place the sling in a groove in the anticipated direction of pull so that the buried object is not pulled out.

On multi-pitch routes, they should never be forgotten! Incorrect positioning of the quickdraw or the rope could cause the rope to unclip, either due to rope movement or to the carabiner flipping on the bolt during a fall.

Petzl Sport Catalog 2011 En

For heavier bags, you can either use two climbers for counterweight or employ other hauling techniques. Afterwards, at Petzl, we have always started with this idea: For a classic trail, mixed lighting, which combines a wide beam and a focused beam, is practical.

Before closing the pulley for the transfer, remember to engage the toothed cam to allow jamming. The rope is used only to belay the child. Lighting duration and intensity can also be adjusted. The child waits on belay with his lanyards and helps manage the rope. Depending on the model of the headlamp, change in light output over time is controlled in two ways: Bars, ramps, steps, suspension bridges, and rope-bridges create a playground that is ideal for catallogo about upward progression.

Maybe one time a few rocks heard falling a bit too close Im quite a safety fanatic, according to my friends.

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