It appears you are located in United States of America. Stay on SAP Training Shop United States of America or choose another country or region. To learn more. BIT SAP NetWeaver Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Participant Handbook Course Version: 74 Course Duration: 5 Day(s) Material. Operations of SAP Process Integration. Using the Runtime Workbench; Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home; Using the SAP NetWeaver.

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Furthermore, you can define the conditions under which a receiver should receive a message. Here, you choose the interfaces that are to be used if an action sapp more than one.

It makes it possible to reference configuration objects so that as a user you have an overview of the necessary business scenario objects.

Now, select the application component with the action Create or Change Material. Icons in Body Text The following icons are used in this handbook. Message Mapping Lesson Overview This lesson will start by looking at the basic concepts behind message mappings before building on these concepts by configuring some examples. To do so, select both nodes concerned and choose the icon for mass assignment. The following functional units are currently imtegration You can display the queues for the current test instance in the data-flow editor.

Course: PI Message Mapping – Springest

In other words, you use this model to specify which process components belong to which deployment units and to describe the interactions between process components.


Bundling of the interfaces and mappings used. You can represent these interactions using the integfation scenario model SAP integration scenario model.

This unit does not provide instructions on how to use the other two interface patterns. In the Integration Directory switch to the Change Lists tab page and then choose the Activate function from the context menu. A receiver with an inbound interface is available. A different application component receives and updates the master data.

PI Message Mapping

Examples of SAP outbound interfaces include the following: Operation Mapping Task 1: These are grouped together under the term communication components formerly known as “services”: The type of technical system determines exactly which attributes you must enter.

The system displays a success procesa.

The HTTP address used merely ensures that the name of the namespace is unique. You remove objects from the configuration scenario using the Remove from Scenario function in the context menu.

BIT – SAP Process Integration | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

You make the settings for the configuration view in the Integration Directory. Use the exact bot400 specified in the exercise because the field is case-sensitive. This means that the messages that are sent to the pipeline are processed in a work process.

Implementing Technical Systems Figure What actions does this scenario have? The following figures illustrate this relationship: Configuring the Proxy Runtime You can find more information in the documentation in the section on configuring the ntweaver NWA. You therefore answer the following essential questions before the implementation: You will also be shown how to transfer systems entered in the SLD into the Integration Directory and how to enhance them by using communication channels.


Within the software component version, you create the namespaces in which you then store the interface objects that you use in your business processes. Unit Objectives After completing this unit, you will be able to: Which communication channel is selected? Configuration objects can be seen and maintained in the receiver determination. A product is a grouping of software components that is shipped to customers.

SAP Process Integration

Software Components and Products If you want to save an additional condition, choose Insert New Condition. Test the scenario again. Various programs that include functions that belong together are grouped together either in an application component or in a software component.

To make definitions, use the condition editor, which in turn calls the expression editor. It shows how to create business systems in the SLD, and how to import these netweavsr the Integration Directory.

If the Operation Mappings node is not available, use the context menu of the namespace urn:

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