Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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If it still retain any of the solvent which has been used for its dissolution, you must carefully purge it off. The University of Chicago Press. In the edition basiluis in Strassburg in call number: Know also that there must come a twofold wind, and a single wind, and that they must furiously blow from the east and from the south.

Not much can be found in English-speaking valejtine on this guy, nor is he in my books, so we had to dig a little deeper.

If a merchant would keep a clear conscience, let him give just measure to his neighbour.

Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

The creating of seed God reserved to Himself For if man could create seed he would be equal to the Creator. For when it is distilled, there issues from it first a spirit, and then that which is less volatile. When the Sun gives out his rays, and sheds them abroad upon the clouds, it is commonly said that he is attracting water, and if he do it frequently, and thereby cause rain, it is called a fruitful year.

The twofold fiery male must be fed with a snowy swan, and then they must mutually slay each other and restore each other to life; and the air of the imprisoned fiery male will occupy three of the four quarters of the world, and make up three parts of the imprisoned fiery male, that the death-song of the swans may be distinctly heard; then the swan roasted will become food for the King, and the fiery King will be seized with great love towards the Queen, and will take his fill of delight in embracing her, until they both vanish and coalesce into one body.

As a young man he became a Roman Catholic priest and entered the Abbey of St. Geometry carries before him a crimson banner, on which you may behold Courage in a crimson cloak.

He eventually became its prior, but otherwise very little is known concerning him, and even the date of his death is not known. In the form of sand all its excessive moisture is dried up. O principle of the prime principle, consider the end!

Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

Let me assure you that I fully intend to fulfil my promise, and to be as plain with you as the rules of our Art permit, not misleading you by sophistical deceptions, but opening up to you the spring of all blessings even valeentine the fountain head. The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine is a widely reproduced alchemical book attributed to Basil Valentine, first published in In the same way, he that possesses this tincture, by the grace of Almighty God, and is unacquainted with its uses, might as well not have it at all.


Then God will bless your labour, and reward your search with success, and yourself with a seat in Heaven as the fruit of your faith. Mix the two kinds of blood, and keep the mixture tightly enclosed in the globe of basilous seven wise Masters There that which is generated will be valsntine with its own flesh and blood, and will complete its course of development when the Moon has changed for the eighth time If thou repeat this process again and again, thou shalt see children’s children, and the offspring of thy body shall fill the world.

When they were met together, Saturn first came forward, and delivered himself as follows: Let me tell you, in conclusion, that the bath in which the bridegroom is placed, must consist of two hostile kinds of matter, that purge and rectify each other by means of a continued struggle. They must be stripped of all their glorious apparel, and must lie badilius together in the same state of nakedness in which they were born, that their seed may not be spoiled by being mixed with any foreign matter.

Nevertheless, this corpus of writings, along with those supposedly written by Isaac and John Isaac Hollandus also valentije ascribed to the fifteenth centurywas employed by chemists of the seventeenth century who sought to destroy the reputation of Paracelsus.

Again in a fashion reminiscent of Vlaentine, Basil Valentine insisted that the physician may utilize these potent chemical medicines only in union basiliux his knowledge of weights; that is, he must pay attention to proper dosage.

In addition to the above, the Latin Basilii Valentini scripta chymica appeared in Hamburg in Thus the father by means of Bailius was produced from the spirit.

Know that this is the only right and legitimate way of purifying our substance: But know that the Stone is composed out of one, two, three, four, and five. By far the gasilius important survey of the chemistry of Basil valentine will be found in J.

The origin of the metals is described in terms of the three principles mercury, sulfur, and saltand the origin of these, in turn, is discussed through reference to a macrocosmic distillation. The sky we speak of is the sky of our Art, and there must be justly proportioned parts of our air and earth, our true water and our palpable fire.

When this union has taken place, the two bring forth a third namely, an earth-like substance, which is the principle valentie our seed, of its first source, so that it can shew an ancestry, and from which three the elements, such as water, air, and earth, take their origin. Hence, if you would prepare our great and ancient Stone, I testify unto you in balentine truth that you must give diligent heed to my teaching, and before all things implore the gracious blessing of the Creator of all things.

He appears to have been a very modest person, for according to Olaus Borrichius, the author of De Ortu et Progressu Chemioe, Valentine hid all the manuscripts of his writings inside one of the pillars valentinr the Abbey Church where they might have remained for an indefinite period, but they were discovered during a thunderstorm, when a flash of lightning dislodged them from their curious hiding place. It is valentinf stone, and no stone; therein Nature alone operates.


And also after this podcast english speakers might know a little more. Library resources about Basil Valentine. When its fruit is about to be matured, the vine stands basiliua greater need of the Sun’s warmth than in the spring; and if the Sun shine brightly in the autumn, the grapes basiliuw be better than if they had not felt his autumnal warmth.

For there is nothing in their leprous nature capable of advancing the interests of our Art There is much more likelihood of that which is in itself good being spoiled by that which is impure. For all bbasilius, trees, and roots, and all metals and minerals, receive their growth and nutriment from the spirit of the earth, which is the spirit of life.

Although many philosophers Have sought for me with eagerness, Yet very few succeed at length In finding out my secret virtue. Therefore, I pray you, let us be avenged on him, shut him up in prison, and keep him there till he dies and is decomposed, nay, until not a drop bxsilius his blood is to be seen.

A bride, when she is to be brought forth to be married, is gloriously adorned in a great variety of precious garments, which, by enhancing her beauty, render her pleasant in the eyes of the bridegroom. For the fixed blood of the Red Lion has been made out of the volatile blood of the Green Lion; hence, they are of one nature, and the unfixed blood again renders that which is volatile fixed, and the fixed blood in its turn fixes that which is volatile, as it was before vvalentine solution.

For the animal from the east must be deprived of its lion’s skin, and lose its wings. The fixed part submerges its father, absorbing it, body and life, until the soul is returned to it.

For though a body may be vitalized by a spirit, yet it need not, therefore, be fixed, unless, indeed, it possess a rational soul, that strong bond between body and spirit, which represents their union, and resists all efforts to separate them.

Animals are a class by themselves; nor can anything ever be obtained from them that is not animal in its nature. Basil Valentine is the Anglicised version of the name Basilius Valentinusostensibly a 15th-century alchemistpossibly Canon of the Benedictine Priory of Saint Peter in Erfurt, Germany but more likely a pseudonym used by one or several 16th-century German authors.

The same thing may be observed in regard to vegetable life. Afterwards this becomes, by sublimation with spirit of wine, of a blood-red colour, and is called potable gold. She interceded with Vulcan, the Judge, in the Chaldee tongue, and reminded him that a woman was to effect the deliverance of the prisoner. Thus the earth regains the moisture of which it had been deprived, and receives strength to put forth buds and herbs.

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