Robert Greene é um escritor estadunidense, mais conhecido pelos livros de estratégia, sedução e poder. Trabalhou em Robert Greene, As 48 Leis do Poder. Find great deals for as 48 Leis Do Poder – Robert Greene Joost Elffers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Title, As 48 leis do poder. Administração & negócios. Author, Robert E. Greene. Publisher, Rocco, ISBN, , Length,

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It’s able to convey it’s lessons well through both story and reasoning. I bought this book back in high school, but couldn’t understand most of the things at that time.

Robert Greene – 12minutos

A hip hop icon joins forces with the best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power to write a bible for success in life and work living by one simple principle: I don’t normally read concise editions, but this was very good. What I got slapped in the face with was a harsh dose of reality.

The book usually uses the term “enemies”, which makes you think that it’s written for war purposes. As Fight Mediocrity claims, this orbert the essential counterpart to Carnegie’s book, yet to read that but I can well imagine that this claim is on point.

It is robet Spiritual or motivational. Also, the author advocates greenf honesty and using an innocent victim as a scapegoat, among other cruel things, but these instances were few and overall the book was quite prudent and can help you understand the psychology of people working with you.

The Concise 48 Laws of Power

We already know a lot of this informatio Great book with all thoughts organized, easy to read and follow. Also check out Greenes other books.


There’s a lot in here that only works if you already have some power socially, though I will admit that probably we have more power than we surmise due to network effects. As for Greene this was my first book I read by him well actually I’m reading it and The 48 Laws of Power at the same time. As 48 Leis do Poder Muito gratificante quando vc encontra um livro que te fale algo a mais algo que vc estava precisando saber muito obrigada.

It ain’t the conventional “be kind and people will love you” babble.

So I would want to conclude with a quote by the American guitarist, Jimi Ronert “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. However, I don’t see it as a book that everybody needs to read.

Personally, I get the seduction game as pleasurable though it ceases to be so with doo and maturity but the question is begged fobert this book ‘why? But all said and done it is very pragmatic a book. It is interesting as far as it goes and is mostly like the book on seduction cynical common sense about human nature and its relationship, in this case, to authority and power.

BUT it is an enjoyable book and a well written one Are some power tactics manipulative? The author has an unarguably pessimistic view greee the world, but I have no doubt in my mind that following these laws religiously in your work and personal life would result in becoming a powerful, socially intelligent and successful person. Formas de pagamento aceitas: Jul 14, Fatema Hussein rated it really liked it.

Robert currently lives in Los Angeles. I look forward to reading the larger work now.

Two, Law 37 is farcical, it almost destroyed the book. Aug 24, Lillian added it. Greene has not really contributed anything. Jan 14, Steven rated it really liked it. It is a very cunning book and anyone who wants power must take it up. Does getting to the top sometimes involve taking an opportunity away from someone else?


These laws are not “nice,” but they do guide you in how to really gain power in life. I am certainly planning to read another one or two books by Robert Greene. This book is a paradigm-shifting book that helped me see the world in a different light and allowed me look closely at actions and words of people around me and that of myself.

Lists with This Book. For those that say they cannot stomach this book I say they have dich0tomous view of the world, for there is nothing on this earth that is purely good leeis purely evil.

It is very important to use your own judgement in applying these laws to attain success, to avoid hurting your conscience and the people around you. Then again, given how superficial are most of our interactions with people, perhaps it’s greenf. Some who have read this might say the author is ruthless, selfish, brutal and has no friends.

As 48 leis do poder

In addition to having a strong following within the business world and a deep following in Washington, DC, these books are also being hailed by everyone from war d to some of the heaviest hitters in the rap world including Jay-Z and 50 Cent. Greene puts forth his wisdom in 48 laws that can be studied and internalized independently.

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