Aspectos Clínicos da Arterite Temporal The Horton’s disease, also known as giant cells arteritis (GCA), temporal arteritis or cranial arteritis (1) (2), is a chronic . arteritis, and temporal arteritis) is the most common of the systemic vasculitides . Groupe de Recherche sur l’Artérite à Cellules Géantes. RESUMO – É raro doença encéfalo-vascular como primeira manifestação de arterite temporal. Relatamos dois casos, nos quais o diagnóstico emergiu da.

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Zuber M, Mas J-L. HSR was 70 mm and biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. Que pacientes atende um neurologista? Although a temporal artery biopsy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis GCAthere is considerable evidence that characteristic signs demonstrated by colour duplex sonography CDS of the temporal arteries may be of diagnostic importance.

Is there any chance my vision can be affected by my arcus senilis if it grows beyond my iris?

Gemporal studies suggested that the presence of the halo sign that is, a dark area around the vessel lumen probably due to arterial wall edema is highly specific for GCA. We present two cases in which the diagnosis emerged from the anamnesis.

Clinical Aspects of the Temporal Arteritis

Initiation of glucocorticoid therapy: Eur Neurol ; Oral steroids are at least as effective as intravenous steroids, [19] except in the treatment of acute visual loss where intravenous steroids appear to offer significant benefit over oral steroids.

The patient have had right hemiparesis, aphasia arteite a left visual disturbance in the first episode; now she had severe bilateral visual disturbance.

Unilateral temporal artery biopsy was then performed in patients with suspected GCA, which was directed to a particular arterial segment in case a halo was detected in CDS. Check for errors and try again. Epidemiological and immunogenetic aspects of etmporal rheumatica and giant cell arteritis in northern Italy. By this format, a patient is deemed to be a carrier of GCA if, at least, three of arterife five criteria are met.


We also found that directional temporal artery teporal in all patients with halos and GCA were always positive, indicating that CDS examination before performing a biopsy could avoid ‘generous’ excisions of the temporal artery in many cases. Diagnosis The Giant Cells Arteritis diagnosis is mostly clinical.

Systemic lupus erythematosus Subacute bacterial endocarditis Rheumatoid arthritis. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. The value of the temporal artery biopsy. Histology results were obtained in all 22 GCA patients and in 27 of 33 non-GCA patients, but because all 18 positive biopsies in GCA patients were directed to a particular arterial segment after obtaining the CDS results, the true value of the temporal artery biopsy alone for the diagnosis of GCA could not be estimated in our patients.

The gold standard for diagnosing temporal arteritis is biopsywhich involves removing a small part of the vessel under local anesthesia and examining it microscopically for giant cells infiltrating the tissue. GCA is a panarteritis that insults older people almost exclusively. Color duplex ultrasonography in large-vessel giant cell arteritis. Women have from 2 to 6 times more chances to be affected than men 1probably due to hormonal factors; however we observed that the female sex prevalence is associated with the rheumatic polymialgia and not in its pure form 5.

What Is Giant Cell Arteritis?

In the initial phase, the exam may reveal only subtle changes such as soreness upon the artery palpation. In the 55 patients, a final diagnosis was established and afterite then confirmed by follow-up and histology.


Among the various abnormalities that can be found in CDS, only the halo sign should be considered. In the second case, the final diagnosis was tuberculosis infection; biopsy results were negative for GCA in both patients.

Temporal artery biopsy was not performed in control subjects. It affects about 1 in 15, people over the age of 50 a year. If unilateral halos are present, a decision of directional biopsy is justified. A dark tempiral of variable size tekporal.

It was Initially described in by Hutchinson, who observed it in the shape of arteritte very painful inflammation of artdrite temporal artery in an year-old patient. However, most complications relating to giant cells arteritis are caused more by the therapy with steroid hormones than by the disease itself Thank you for updating your details. Longitudinal view of the perfused lumen in colour duplex sonography; the bright area around the lumen represents the arterial wall plus the temporal fascia right panel.

Typically, the treatment begins with mg orally everyday in adults 16and may reach mg per day A 54 years old woman has had a left cerebral infarct 3 months ago. The disorder may coexist in a half of cases [11] with polymyalgia rheumatica PMRwhich is characterized by sudden onset of pain and stiffness in muscles pelvisshoulder of the body and is seen in the elderly.

Approved on September 25, Color-coded sonography in suspected temporal arteritis-experiences after 83 tempora. GCA arterjte the arteries in the neck, upper body and arms.

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