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At the end of akt trial, the trial judge found that the appellants had failed to raise any reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case and convicted the appellants. With respect, the question of the voluntariness of the evidence of the child witnesses is not an issue to be adjudicated upon by the trial court.

Akta Keterangan Saksi Kanak-kanak 2007

Semuga semua pembaca dan pelajar mendapat menafaat dari alasan penghakiman kes di atas. It is as follows:. I confirm that both sentences should run concurrently and it should begin from today.

Kabak-kanak was born on 1 February and on the date of the offence the first charge she was eight years and two months and when she gave evidence before the trial court on 29 July she was aged nine years five months and 29 days.

Upon maximum evaluation of evidence and applying s.

In fact as the evidence unfolded, the government chemist detected human spermatozoa on a sheet of thick fabric kain cadar which was used in the small hut by the appellant. Put differently even if the hymen is intact in that there is no rupture, so long as there is penetration it is sufficient to constitute rape R v Hughes 2 Mood Khai 8 May at On the evening of 28 Aprilthe victim informed her mother Rosnah, who then lodged a police report on 30 April after consulting her relatives.

The appellant testified that he was elsewhere and not at the places mentioned in both the charges and, therefore, he had no opportunity to commit rape. In regard to the first charge which took place in a small hut see photograph at p of appeal recordthe victim said:.

The prosecution was not tendering the cautioned statement of the appellant so as to require a voire dire trial within a trial to be conducted to determine the voluntariness of the cautioned statement see PP v Mohamed Noor bin Jantan [] 2 MLJ where the Federal Court held that since the defence tendered the cautioned statement at the prosecution stage as a defence exhibit, there was no need to hold a trial within a trial as its voluntariness was not disputed.


Kemungkinan pihak pembeli tidak mempunyai wang yang cukup untuk melunaskan amaun yang tertera pada cek-cek tersebut pada masa ia diserahkan, bukan isu yang material.

Description: Evidence Act (Act 56) :

Therefore, the suggestion and submissions for the appellants that a trafficking case was not made out against each of the appellants was devoid of merit. If they chose not to, then the law could not be seen to protect their own folly.

Oleh itu, OKT1 berjaya menimbulkan keraguan munasabah bagi tuduhan terhadapnya. Dato Seri Najib Razak. Kana-kkanak Acts. Perayu-perayu pertama, kedua dan kelima dijatuhkan hukuman mati, perayu ketiga ditahan di bawah s.

Mahkamah perbicaraan telah dengan bijaksana dan adilnya menilai semua keterangan dan membuat kesimpulan yang tepat dalam menyabitkan perayu di atas kedua tuduhan tersebut. The competency of any person child witness included to testify as a witness is a condition precedent to the administration to him of an oath or affirmation, and, clearly, it is a question distinct from that of his credibility when he has been sworn or affirmed. Setelah menerima wang tebusan, SP3 dilepaskan. Cojuangco [] CLR refd.

Keputusan bersalah dan sabitan perayu itu telah disahkan dengan kedua hukuman untuk berjalan serentak dari hari perbicaraan kerana kepentingan awam hanya boleh dicapai jika beliau dipenjarakan untuk masa yang lebih lama. In simple terms, this means that the rule of prudence on the necessity of warning the jury or, for that matter, the court on the dangers of convicting on the uncorroborated evidence of a child applies equally to sworn or unsworn testimony Loo Chuan Huat v PP keteragnan 2 MLJ Fakta bahawa OKT tidak, pada bila-bila masa, memaklumkan kepada SP14 bahawa perjanjian tersebut tidak boleh disediakan kerana dia tiada kanak-anak untuk menyediakannya, menunjukkan bahawa OKT2 memang berniat supaya kedua-dua perjanjian tersebut ditandatangani olehnya dan pihak pembeli yang diwakili oleh SP Dengan itu, dakwaan OKT2 bahawa kedua-dua perjanjian tersebut masih dalam bentuk draf tidak dapat diterima.


Evidence Actss. Several witnesses were called to support his defence of alibi.

I do not propose to disturb the sentence as imposed by the trial court. The first, second and fifth appellants were sentenced to death, the third appellant was detained under s. Pada asasnya, isu-isu yang dibangkitkan oleh perayu-perayu, antara lain, adalah: Ketiga-tiga perayu yang merupakan warganegara Iran, selepas penangkapan mereka di Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur, telah dibawa ke Hospital Serdang di mana mereka menjalani pemeriksaan perubatan dan bahan-bahan asing dikesan dalam setiap seorang daripada mereka.

According to the doctor, one of the causes of the tear in the hymen was sexual intercourse.


Diputuskan menolak rayuan-rayuan; mengesahkan sabitan dan hukuman Oleh Rohana Yusuf HMR menyampaikan penghakiman mahkamah: OKT2 menghadapi dua pertuduhan bagi kesalahan yang boleh dihukum di bawah s. Atuk Sidek referring to the appellant buka seluar dia sendiri … kemudian Atuk tanggal seluar saya … Atuk suruh saya baring.

They also contended that they had come to Malaysia to look for employment. Hence, the plaintiff made the present application pursuant to s. However, in the circumstances of this case, more harm than good would result from compelling a disclosure.


Setelah mengadakan perbincangan, perjanjian-perjanjian tersebut ditandatangani oleh OKT bagi pihak Seri Paduka Baginda berdua dan SP14 bagi pihak syarikat tersebut di mana syarikat tersebut sebagai kontraktor bersetuju untuk membeli kayu-kayu di kawasan-kawasan tersebut. It was the case for the defence in the instant appeal that Rosnah had fabricated the allegation of rape as her marriage proposal to the appellant was totally ignored.

The conduct of swallowing the capsules of drugs voluntarily would entitle the court to infer knowledge. Tertuduh-tertuduh telah ditangkap dan kemudian dicamkan oleh SP3 dalam satu kawad cam dan juga dalam kandang saksi. As shown in their boarding passes, they were transporting drugs when they were flying from Dubai to Malaysia.

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