When she hurts her paw on the fourth day of the race, Akiak can no longer compete in the Iditarod?the famed dogsledding race through 1, miles of Alaskan. Click on the document to read Akiak: A Tale from the Iditarod. Learn more about Alaska, the Inuit, and the famous Iditarod race!. “It is 1, miles of wind, snow and rugged trail from Anchorage to Nome.” Akiak has competed in the famous Alaskan Iditarod before, but.

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We followed the Iditarod back in March and will do so again in It gives a message of never giving up. Thank you for using the catalog.

Book Review–Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod

However, Akiak is such a compelling heroine and the book is so thrilling that the boys and I were eager to learn more. For complete race rules, click here. Not one to read and re-read. This is a hybrid book that highlights a dogs courage, and different facts about the famous Iditarod race.

Jun 01, Donna Mork rated it it was amazing. When snow hurts her paw on the fourth day out, Mick, her musher, must leave her behind and continue the race without her. The crowd goes wild cheering for Akiak. Didn’t plan to love it, but I do!

Another great story from Blake, with more beautiful illustrations. Refresh and try again. Excellent “bleed off the page” artwork gives picture book readers a realistic view of this grueling trail. Akiak is a 10 year old dog having her last crack at winning the Iditarod Sled race in Alaska Akiak is also the name of a small town in Alaska.


She is cared for by the race veterinarians, but escapes her ride home on a bush plane in order to catch up with her team. Iditraod 05, Rana rated it it was amazing Shelves: In drom “incredible journey,” students get a taste of the Alaskan’s passion for this unique sport, learning about the hardships and rules of the race along the way. I loved this book about an old dog who was determined to win. Newer Post Aakiak Post Home.

When Akaik is forced to sit out of the race because of an injured paw, she escapes the handler that is suppose to take her home and follows the trail until she meets back up with her team 4 days later. Blake’s majestic snowscapes will lead you through this unforgettable tale of a dog with a hero’s heart, a dog who will not give up. This book has interesting illustrations that appear to be paintings.

Posted by Donna at 3: See all 3 questions about Akiak…. Anonymous, I’m confident that you will not be disappointed.

This is just the beginning of the tale. She has been a fierce contender, placing in the top 5 on three different occasions. Love the paintings, too. About persistence and trom the rules. The checkpoints along the way are informed that Akiak is loose.

Book Review–Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod – Iditarod

She leads the disoriented team to the correct trail and then jumps on the sled according to the Iditarod rules and they end up victorious. The question is, can the team still win? Akiak will leave you cheering.


However, the Iditarod rules do not permit a dropped off dog to be put back on the harness or to tals next to the team. Prior to reading AkiakI knew almost nothing about the Iditarod. Alone in the vast snow she follows along familiar trails. It is suitable for all elementary grades. Food is even left out for her to eat.

He works in his studio, a renovated barn on his property. Tthe trail map on the end papers would be helpful for those wanting to turn this into a simple geography lesson. It literary brought me to tears!

Akiak and the Iditarod

Sep 23, Savanna rated it it was amazing. She burrows herself in the snow to wait for the storm to pass. The illustrations are done very well. An online search of this book will generate many activities and lesson plans for Akiak A Tale from the Iditarod. Sled dog racing — Juvenile fiction. Sled dogs — Juvenile fiction.

This is the sort of story that will immediately involve kids and keep them riveted till the end. Tuesday, November 22, Akiak: When she hurts ffrom paw on the fourth day of the race, Akiak can no longer compete in the Iditarod?

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