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are maintained in accordance with Air Force Manual (AFMAN) , Management of. Records, and disposed of in accordance with the Air. Delete reference “AFMAN ” Add references “AFI ,. “. 64 65 Delete reference “AFMAN “. 65 This is the initial publication of AFMAN This manual provides patient treatment guidance and defines the Independent Duty Medical Technician’s ( IDMT).

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Points of Contact POCs This edition lists study references for the following promotion cycles and test administration periods: Each set of study references is listed under the AFPT number, edition date, and promotion cycle. For study references other than CDCs or SCs, consider amendments, revisions, and changes a part of the basic reference.

When publications are superseded or replaced, regard the later-dated publication as the study reference unless this catalog indicates otherwise. The SKTs sample knowledge of specialty training standard STS subject-matter areas judged by test development team members to be most appropriate for promotion to higher grades.

However, questions will be drawn from other references listed when no CDC exists or when the existing CDC requires additional references to ensure currency and completeness of coverage. Other study references listed should be available in the work area. Refer to AFI for steps to take if study reference material cannot be obtained to support preparation for testing. Individual members are responsible for obtaining these references by contacting their unit WAPS monitors.

Commercial medical reference books will be ordered from the medical library using medical treatment facility funds. Examinees must be aware that any unauthorized discussion, disclosure, or possession of Controlled Test Material information is a compromise of test material and afjan violation of directives and is punishable under Article 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice.

AFI explains what constitutes a compromise of test material.

Points of Contact POCs: During the initial afmam inall eligible members received a complete new set of CDCs. In this Part This part covers the following topics: The process begins when the final tests for the cycle are developed at the Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron.

Members are personally responsible to review the WAPS Catalog each year for current study reference material requirements. Jun 06 – Final tests afmaan CY completed. Ultimately, the responsibility for obtaining the required study references still rests with the eligible member.


Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron

Responsibilities Eligible members are responsible for: Base WAPS monitors are responsible for: Unit Commanders are responsible for: These materials require special procedures. Unit WAPS monitors only need to establish these libraries if there is a requirement to maintain them based on the eligible population within their unit needing or utilizing non-CDC references. Basic eligibility criteria consider time-ingrade, projected separation and retirement dates, and HYT.

Do not confuse this with promotion eligibility found in AFI Date of Rank must be on or before 1 Oct 04, or Date of Rank must be on or before 1 Feb 07, and High Year of Tenure must be on or after Sep Date of Rank must be on or before 1 Aug 05, and Date of Rank must be on or before 1 Jul 05, and Members with a projected voluntary separation date remain eligible for promotion.

Individuals with a projected retirement date are ineligible for promotion based on the projected retirement date listed in the table above. Members who have not received their CDC materials within 8 weeks must contact their unit WAPS monitors for assistance in obtaining a replacement set. Failure to follow up in a timely fashion before the start of the testing cycle will require justification through the unit commander as to the reason why the member did not follow up.

Use the table below to determine your next step. The memorandum is located on the following web site: If e-mail is down, you may fax the request with a cover letter to DSN: When the material is unusable or unavailable through no fault of the member, the unit commander may request replacement material from AFIADL.

The request must include: Forwarded CDCs must be repackaged per postal regulations. Go to Customer Service 2. Go to Career Enhancement 3. Go to Promotions and Testing 4. Enter F7 and input SSN 6. Enter F8 to retrieve record 7. Click on Details 9. Click on OK The unit WAPS monitor uses the listing as a management tool.

Air Force Occupational Measurement Squadron

44-1158 unit WAPS monitor retains the listing in the unit files for future verification of receipt. CDCs no longer have to be shared among members in a unit. Each year, an initial issue of CDCs is provided to members when they become eligible for promotion to the next higher grade for the first time. This is referred to as an initial issue.


After the initial issue, members only receive changes to previously issued material if changes were made. Members receive notification of the status of their CDC orders.

They get two different reports on individual personnel RIP. One advises them whether material was ordered or if the previously avman material is current. Members also sign a receipt RIP acknowledging receipt of their materials afmsn the requirement to maintain the CDCs until superseded or no longer needed.

Each member is responsible for promptly before the testing cycle following up with the unit WAPS monitor when materials are not received or are incorrect. Remember, it is your personal responsibility to ensure you obtain the study references you need to prepare for promotion testing.

You must check the WAPS Catalog every year to ensure currency of all required study reference material. The automated distribution system is only for CDCs.

Unit WAPS monitors are responsible for ordering and maintaining these references for unit members. The most current edition and changes should be studied. The Freedom of the Hills Authors: Don Graydon and Kurt Hanson Edition: May with Jan Revisions Publisher: Managing the Incident Edition: National Safety Council Date: A Manual of Recommended Practice Author: A Guide to Clinical Afmna Authors: Hodgkin, and Jeffrey J.

A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine Edition: Bickley and Peter G. McPhee, and Maxine A. Tanagho and Jack W. A Positive Care Approach Author: Association of Surgical Technologists, Inc Edition: Thomson Delmar Learning Date: Principles and Practice Author: Rittenberry, and Dennis T. Christensen, and James R. Lucente and Gady Har-El Edition: Society of Nuclear Medicine Date: Kelley and Connie M. A Manual of Recommended Practice Authors: Bickley, and Peter G.

Association of Surgical Technologists, Inc. Regions Use the list of world regions below to find a destination and. And the Band Played On questions. Procedure for the Collection and Shipment of Whole Blood. The Lloyd George Song – bedstone. Student Presentations, May 8 and June

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