Adam Kuper. Anthropology and anthropologists: the British school in the twentieth century. London: Routledge. xvii + pp. Anthropology and anthropologists forty years on. Adam Kuper. I. My account of British social anthropology was first published by Penguin Books in under. On its first publication in Adam Kuper’s entertaining history of half a century of British social anthropology provoked strong reactions. But his often irreverent.

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Yet I was not prepared for the reactions that publication provoked.

Anthropology and anthropologists forty years on by Adam Kuper « Anthropology of this Century

Anyway, young, heedless, and rather hard-up, I took it on, interviewed the more cooperative of the elders and organized a seminar series at which several of them were persuaded to reminisce. Inwhen I returned, it was to a profoundly changed British university world and to a discipline under threat.

Many had analogues in all societies. After World War II, social anthropologists had ventured into Europe, if only to the periphery, seeking out lineages in a Greek island, or dowry systems in Andalucia, or perhaps describing life in a windswept island somewhere between Scotland and Norway.

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Anthropology and Anthropologists: The Modern British School

There was also a counter-current within the small community of British social anthropologists, a principled resistance to applied research that began to be articulated in the late s. Sociology was about modern, industrial, western societies. He was more in sympathy with a strand of liberal thinking on colonial policy in the s and s, which tended to regard change as dangerous.

A different social anthropology emerged in the post-colonial world. This third, enlarged and updated edition responds to these fresh currents. Within a couple of terms it would turn out a fledging Fortesian Africanist or structuralist South Asianist, armed with some ideas but above all with strong loyalties.


Adam Kuper

Nevertheless new recruits who had passed through the initiation ceremony of fieldwork were made to feel that they were members of the clan. They were not going to allow a re-run of colonial social welfare research under the name of development. In the early s, when my book appeared, the professors were all retiring. His doctorate, from the University of Cambridgewas based on field research in the Kalahari desert in what is now Botswana.

Firth changed his tune when he landed a big role in the Colonial Social Science Research Council, but the purist line was asserted even more strongly in Oxford.

Ajd Evans-Pritchard was respected and treated with some apprehension the Anthropoologists Knight, the loyalists called him. List of important publications in anthropology.

Adam Kuper takes the story up to the present day, and a new final chapter traces the emergence of a modern European social anthropology in contrast with developments in American cultural anthropology over the last two decades. These people will not see that there is an unbridgeable chasm between serious anthropology and Administration Welfare work.

While comparisons may be difficult they are not impossible, and there is very real need for broader perspectives anthrooplogists for better information about how other people manage their lives. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But his often irreverent account soon established itself as one of the introductions to anthropology. A third answer to the question — what are we doing over there?

Some of the most promising younger anthropologists opted for posts abroad in the s and s.

The argument was made that anthropology and colonial rule developed a symbiotic relationship. The charge was that anthropologists stigmatized Africans as primitive, sided with traditional rulers against the educated urban population, and generally did what they could to prop up colonial rule.


The African colonies were stagnating economically. Joe Evans rated it liked it Nov 17, It was not welcomed by the anthropological establishment, yet sold steadily for a number of years before falling below the level that was required in those days for a mass-market paperback.

Nevertheless, I was astonished by the emotional response of some of the older generation. This was because of changes to the Employment Age Regulations making mandatory retirement imposed by the employer unlawful. Paraskevi Dimoudi rated it really liked it Feb 11, Social anthropology could claim to be a practical science of primitive folk.

Adepts of strange cults turn out to be no less reasonable than we ourselves. Even in the early s, when I was inducted into the tribe, British social anthropology was still a small community: The project initiated by Malinowski and Radcliffe-Brown underwent a crisis in the s.

Kinship was a symbolic statement about shared identity, not a system of working connections on which people depended for dear life. Several leading figures were cultural conservatives. An ethnography should explain all that, and I have tried to bring out the interplay between these various contexts and constraints.

The rise of sociology presented an altogether more alarming challenge.

Magic and religion often appear to be no less pragmatic than bio-medicine. A more cosmopolitan discipline is emerging, multi-centred, engaged in a range of current intellectual debates.

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